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July 02, 2010

President not helping with recent decisions

To the editor:

If anything has been "misconstructed to the opposite effect" in Tim Rowland's editorial in the June 26 edition of The Herald-Mail, it is who is in actual charge of today's government. Rowland explicitly names Republicans to make his negative points. But he uses the terms government or federal government or administration to avoid the use of the label Democrat. News flash, Tim, the Democrats control Congress and the presidency.

Speaking "off the grid," let us look at how Rowland uses tepid commentary to move us in his preferred direction. He supports Obamacare, ignoring that health insurance companies' average 3 percent net profits (what he calls "profiteering"), while the government has increased spending 16 percent this last fiscal year and will not even let voters see the 2011 budget that starts in October. He blames "Wall Street greed," disregarding the Democrats' and the president's role in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


Finally, he unleashes his ultimate zinger: "But trying to blame Obama for siding with the people and businesses of the Gulf instead of a violation-riddled oil company shattered all credibility." It was BP shareholders who agreed to establish a $20 billion fund for claims and cleanup. Is that not siding with the Gulf? Conversely, how is President Obama helping when he issues a six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling, precipitated by Democrats vetoing all near-shore, ANWR and shale drilling alternatives, plus putting environmental restrictions/regulations on coal?

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, this "siding with the Gulf" will cost tens of thousands of additional jobs, at a loss of up to $330 million in wages. (In comparison, Shell Oil's in situ Conversion Process (ICP) for shale oil extraction is profitable at a per-barrel price of $30 and uses only 1 unit of energy to create 3.5 units of energy.)

It is not that what Obama is proposing is worse than the oil spill. It is that he is proposing a cure - "cap and tax" - more deadly than the disease. Like Rowland's cheap shot at the sanctity of life, it won't resuscitate an argument already on life support.

Tom Janus

South High golf tournament a great success

To the editor:

To all Mighty Rebels Alumni and Friends:

The South Hagerstown High School Annual Golf Tournament was held June 17 at the Beaver Creek Country Club. The golf tournament was for the benefit of the scholarship fund and again was a great success.

Thanks to our Platinum/Gold/Green sponsors, cart sponsors, all patrons and donations. Also thank you to Beaver Creek Country Club and staff, Phil Petry's "Best BBQ in Town," Krumpe's Donuts and all the volunteers. A special thanks to all the 80-plus golfers.

The South Hagerstown Alumni Association awards scholarships to South High students for their outstanding scholastic achievements and participation in numerous school and community activities. This year's scholarships were awarded to Kara Henson and Ryan David.

See everyone next year.

Suzie Murray Gozora
South Hagerstown High School Class of 1968
Clear Spring

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