Thumbs up, thumbs down

July 02, 2010

Thumbs up:

o To Debbie Yow, the University of Maryland's athletic director. Yow announced last week she's leaving College Park after 16 years for the same job at North Carolina State University. Under Yow's leadership, Maryland's athletic teams won 20 national championships, including one in basketball. She also kept the univerisity's athletic programs on solid financial footing. We wish her well in her new job.

o To the town of Williamsport, for providing bike lanes along U.S. 11 from the C&O Canal National Historical Park to Byron Park. Anything our communities can do to get folks off the duffs and active should be applauded. Another small step in the right direction.

o To Team USA for making it to the Round of 16 in the FIFA World Cup. The team gave fans something to cheer about and surely advanced soccer's popularity in this country.

o To Butch Upole for making art out of only natural materials he finds. Upole had his wares at last weekend's Mountaintop Heritage Days at Fort Ritchie. "Everything I use was either going to rot, be burned or thrown away," he said. That's creative recycling.


o To recent retirees Lt. Tim Wolford, Lt. Margaret Kline and Officer Wayne Smith who served more than 100 years combined with the Hagerstown Police Department. Hats off and enjoy this new phase of your lives.

o To the Rev. Tom Perry, who was honored last week for his 50 years in the ministry. He served as pastor of St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Hagerstown in the 1990s and was St. Mark's visitation pastor from 1998 to 2008.

oTo Pennsylvania legislators and Gov. Ed Rendell who passed and approved a state spending plan nearly 100 days earlier than they did last year. While we're still skeptical of some of the numbers and some spending cuts, it's good to see the leaders working together to get the job done.

Thumbs down:

o To all the me-first moped drivers who first ignore all common-sense safety precautions - like wearing helmets - then ride their bicycles in the middle of congested streets and roads at slow speeds, generally posing a safety hazard for licensed drivers. If they can't follow the rules, let moped owners be like the rest of us: license and regulate mopeds like we do motorcycles, cars and trucks. Then at least they'd have the right to the roadway they seem determined to take.

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