Hagerstown family's little piggy has gone missing

July 01, 2010|By EBONI JAGGERS

Man's best friend has taken on a new meaning.

For almost two years, Stephen Stanley and his pet pig, Carly, have been inseparable.

Until the pig's recent disappearance, Stephen, 8, and Carly had become almost as close as siblings.

Stephen's father, Raymond Stanley, 39, said he noticed the hog's disappearance more than three weeks ago. One week after the animal disappeared, the father and son hung fliers around Hagerstown urging residents not to eat their missing family member.

"She's a cherished member of the family," Raymond said. "She's like one of my kids."

The pig, he said, often would dig a hole in the pen where she slept. This time, she never returned.

Raymond said he suspects that after the pig's escape, someone found the 325-pound animal with the intentions of selling her in a local auction.

"It's the same kind of hog you get your bacon and ham from," he said.


Since the hog's disappearance, Stephen no longer will eat pork products. He fears that he could be eating his beloved pet.

The third-grader said for the past three weeks he has missed his four-legged friend.

"I really want to play with her because I haven't been able to play with her in three weeks," he said. "I really miss her and I'm upset that we can't find her."

Stephen said he would make mud baths for Carly to enjoy and would play next to her fence so the two could be close.

Stephen said Carly was last seen at their neighborhood grocery, Your Country Store.

The hog is more than 6 feet in length and has faintly pink skin.

Any information on the pig's whereabouts may be called to Raymond Stanley at 240-291-6100.

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