Mail Call

June 30, 2010

"I'm calling just to say the following: I think that people need to show respect to our president and refer to him as 'Mr. Obama,' or 'President Obama,' and not simply as 'Obama.' I think that that's part of why we're in the shape that we're in today. That's my opinion."

-- Smithsburg

"I do wish the people in the United States would honor the states, all the states, by carrying a trash bag in their vehicle, and throw your trash in the trash bag, not out on the streets and the roads of the towns, or the back roads of different towns. That's disgraceful. Be a human being and put it in a trash bag and take it home. Honor your country."

-- Hancock

"A big thank you to Pete Waters for his column in Sunday's paper. I think he speaks for most of us, and I appreciate him speaking his mind and being so honest."


-- Sharpsburg

"Let's hope Gen. Petraeus at least received an apology from President Obama for the abuse by Obama, Reid, Clinton and the other progressives, for their absolute discourtesy toward him and the military during their last congressional lectures on the Iraq surge (which Obama said would not work). Let's also hope that Gen. Petraeus received an assurance that Joe Biden would keep his self-serving, confusing, demoralizing ... comments concerning Afghanistan policy to himself."

-- Chambersburg, Pa.

"I am a licensed driver of 34 years. I have operated bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, to class B trucks on the roads. You people complaining about scooters and wheelchairs are unaware of pedestrian and scooter laws. You are road hogs. When I'm on a Harley doing 30 mph in a 30 and I give a dirty look because of your tailgating, you let up. When on a scooter doing 35 mph in a 30, you push and blow horns after passing. ... Share the road and drive like you have some sense and you will see these people on the road."

-- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"To the person who asked people to educate themselves before they vote in a presidential election: I suggest you take your own advice. President Obama was far more than a 'community organizer.' He is a Harvard-educated lawyer who graduated No. 1 in his Harvard class. That in itself is an extraordinary accomplishment, and he has used his intelligence to become an Illinois senator and our president."

-- Boonsboro

"Where are you, Osama bin Laden? The CIA chief says he has no idea where you are. I don't believe him. As I recall, he is the main reason given by the Bush administration for invading Iraq and Afghanistan. We had to get him to stop future attacks on the U.S. Why are we still there fighting?"

-- Greencastle, Pa.

"Once again, the wrong person was forced to resign. President Obama, like former Democratic presidents Clinton and Carter, has made a mockery of the office of the president of the United States. To all you Obamanites out there: Your president is destroying our country. It is time for his resignation or impeachment, to save our country, if it's not too late. What a disgrace."

-- Rohrersville

"Keedysville caller, Obama's been in office for well over a year, so why didn't he act at once and force BP, et al, to install those safeguards, as you claim Bush should have done? Of course, since we don't yet know what actually caused the explosion, we don't know that your supposed safeguards could or would have prevented it. ... Boy, has that worked out so well. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is sidelining oil skimmers to inspect their life jackets."

-- Frederick, Md.

"The headlines today said 'Republicans kill jobs aid bill.' Why would they do that? All the riders the Democrats added included $330 billion to our already $13 trillion debt. Blame the Dems for ruining a good bill."

-- Waynesboro, Pa.

"I just want to commend the city on the fast work they've done. I just read in the Friday night, June 25 paper, that Tuesday of this week, the city council agreed that the traffic signal at Howard and Summit street was aging and not necessary anymore. ... I come home Thursday night, the lights ... they're now blinking red always, and there's a four-way stop up. My only problem? There are no signs indicating that there's been a change to this traffic pattern. I really wish the city would get back out here and put up some of those bright orange (signs)."

-- Hagerstown

"I'm wondering if some of the neighbors near Salem Avenue Elementary School have complained to the local police departments about these people with their off-road vehicles, trail bikes, four-wheelers and whatnot, speeding up and down the streets and just causing a lot of noise, and just a mess. And I've called numerous times. I'm not intimidated by these people, and I hope no one else is. These people have no respect for the neighbors in the area."

-- Hagerstown

"I'm calling in response to the person from Halfway. ... I voted for Obama and I'm proud to say it. My health insurance has gone down considerably, the price of it, and I even got a better policy because of Obama. I have no qualms at all. I'm very proud to be an American, and very proud to have voted for him -- unlike the eight years before when we were in such a bad situation."

-- Hagerstown

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