Town personnel policies to be updated

June 30, 2010|By TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - The Bath Town Council is trying to revamp its personnel policy for town employees.

At a special meeting on Wednesday morning, the council members decided to hash out the details by a committee made up of town recorder Irene Hedrick and councilmen Jim Slough and Scott Merki.

The issues discussed in the meeting were vacation and sick leave.

Mayor Susan J. Webster said the auditors suggested the town amend the personnel policy when they "went over payroll policies and what we are doing with benefits," she said.

"The current policy needs to be updated," Councilman Kenny Easton said.

One change in the annual leave policy is to require employees to request vacation about 90 days before the date, unless it is emergency leave, Easton said.


"It makes employees be responsible to schedule plans so no problems occur" and vacations can be staggered, Webster said.

About 15 full-time employees work for the Town of Bath, its police department and the town-owned water department, Berkeley Springs Water Works.

For new employees, it was suggested the amount of vacation would be 40 hours after the first year of employment, 80 hours after the second year to the ninth year of employment and 120 hours after the 10th year, Slough said.

Sick leave is currently accrued at 4.92 hours per pay period which comes to 127.92 hours per year, Easton said.

Unused sick leave can be rolled over to the following year, but it was questioned whether or not it can be cash paid when an employee retires, Easton said.

"The (current) personnel policy is too convoluted," Slough said.

"It's too old," Hedrick said and suggested a committee be formed to address policy changes.

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