Theater packed with 'Twilight' fans for 'Eclipse' premiere

June 30, 2010|By EBONI JAGGERS
  • Kayla Demosky of Greencastle, Pa., attended one of Tuesday's midnight showings of the third installment of "The Twilight Saga."

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Like many girls her age, Elizabeth Bitner dreams of meeting the man of her dreams, marrying him and living happily ever after.

Her idea of Prince Charming happens to be a century her senior, with pasty white skin and whose thirst can only be satisfied by a cup of blood.

Elizabeth is madly in love with Edward Cullen of "The Twilight Saga," and she wears the T-shirt to prove it.

From floor to ceiling, her bedroom is covered with "Twilight" memorabilia, said Elizabeth, of Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"Someday, I wish I could become Mrs. Edward Cullen," Elizabeth said.

She is not alone.

Area residents have been anticipating the arrival of "Eclipse," the newest "Twilight" movie since the November 2009 release of "New Moon."

Kayla Demosky of Greencastle, Pa., attended one of Tuesday's midnight showings of the saga's third installment.

She said since the premiere of the first film, she and her friends have made it their tradition to see the film at its midnight showing.


Kayla, who claims to be a diehard "Team Jacob" fanatic, said movie-goers were as thrilled with the movie as she was.

"It was really packed," she said. "Everyone liked it. Everyone laughed (throughout the movie) and clapped at the end. (They) were very into it."

The film was more action-filled than its predecessors and even the cast's acting and makeup was improved, Kayla said.

Mellisica Kilgore of Hancock said she has read each of the "Twilight" books dozens of times. Her lastest reread? "Eclipse," in preparation for the film's release.

"I finished 'Eclipse' last night to see which pieces of the book would be left out in the movie," Mellisica said Wednesday.

As for the movie's well-known heartthrobs, Edward and Jacob, Mellisica said she would reject either's offer for a date. Her choice would be Emmett Cullen, Edward's much-buffer, older brother, she said.

"Everybody goes for Jacob and Edward," she said. "I just don't see the appeal. (Emmett) is more free-spirited like me. When something goes down, he doesn't think about it. He's just like, 'Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.'"

Robert Snyder of Hagerstown said he disagrees with the fictitious depictions of vampires created by "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer.

He said he jumped on the bandwagon and attempted to read the saga's first book, but he ended his reading prematurely because of the story's lackluster plot.

"I ended up realizing it was the worst concept of vampires ever invented," Robert said. "I don't find the storyline good at all."

Critics like Robert didn't stop the movie from becoming the most presold film of the year for Fandango, a company that presells movie tickets.

"Me and my girlfriends are big fans," Kayla said. "We read all of the books before they became popular. I thought (the movie) was amazing."

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