Franklin County GOP Committee election draws crowd

June 16, 2010|By JENNIFER FITCH

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. --Leadership within the Franklin County (Pa.) Republican Committee changed Tuesday night when committee members packed the St. Thomas (Pa.) Fire Hall for a vote.

"It was such a big gathering that we couldn't meet in the headquarters like we usually do," said Dwight D. Weidman, who was elected chairman.

Franklin County's GOP voters select committee members from each of the county's 75 precincts every four years. Those committee members choose the party's county leadership every two years.

In the race for chairman, Weidman said he received 78 votes, while Harry Bittle received 68.

Bittle previously served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Mercersburg, Pa., resident Jim Taylor last held the post of chairman.

Larry Funk, who serves on the Tuscarora School Board, won another term as treasurer. Antrim Township, Pa., resident Dan Pellicano was named executive vice chairman, Weidman said.


Weidman said he tried to meet the precincts' committee members before the vote.

"It gives them a chance to take a look at you and decide whether you're worthy of the vote," he said.

Weidman, who moved to Chambersburg with his wife in 1999, said being retired affords him opportunities to be active in the party.

"I think it's important enough to sacrifice some time and effort. I believe strongly in the Republican party's conservative principles," he said.

The chairman speculated that the fact that so many people ran for precinct committee member shows that "people are fired up." He hopes to translate that passion into volunteerism and possible additional fundraisers.

"I want to try to get everybody within the party working together," Weidman said. "In every political party, you have your little squabbles and factions."

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