Traffic changes suggested in Funkstown

June 15, 2010|By JULIE E. GREENE

FUNKSTOWN -- Funkstown resident Bill Snodderly has suggested a couple of traffic changes, including having town officials look into creating a right-turn lane on Edgewood Drive as the road approaches Baltimore Street.

Currently, there is a left-turn lane, and another lane for going straight or turning right.

Snodderly said that during the day, traffic frequently backs up on Edgewood Drive because the driver at the head of the line wants to go straight, so drivers wanting to turn right must wait for the light. The situation will get worse when the new hospital opens, he said.

The town owns a grassy stretch of land between the southbound lane of Edgewood Drive and an antique shop, town officials said.

Snodderly suggested at Monday night's town council meeting that the town use that land to create a right-turn lane.

Mayor Paul N. Crampton Jr. said that was a good idea and asked Town Clerk/Treasurer Brenda Haynes to set up a meeting with the Maryland State Highway Administration.


Snodderly also said the left-turn light on northbound Frederick Road always turns green, whether or not there are vehicles waiting to turn left. He asked whether that could be changed.

Town resident Terry W. Gossard Sr. expressed concern about the ability to turn right on red from westbound Baltimore Street onto Edgewood Drive because of a house that prevents drivers from getting a good view of traffic at that intersection.

Gossard said a sign should be posted forbidding right turns on red.

Crampton said he would bring that issue up at the meeting with state highway personnel.

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