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Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2010

We're about to lose our freedom

To the editor:

Freedom is costly. Having just celebrated Memorial Day, we are freshly aware of this. But, consider the first costs of freedom.

Freedom is established upon choices. No choice, no freedom. Whether you believe in a literal or figurative Adam and Eve, it is clear that God established freedom by giving mankind a choice. The choice was to eat or not to eat from a certain tree - to trust that God intended good by his prohibition ("do not eat") or to believe the lie that God was withholding something "good" from man.

Man chose the lie, and the cost of the free choice that man made is a broken relationship with God and with each other, suffering and death in a world that had known only health and life, and an attraction to and enslavement by evil.


What was the cost to God of giving mankind that freedom? God suffers the broken heart of separation from those for whom he has infinite love and endures the unimaginable pain of watching our choices play out in appalling ways, such as the killing of pre-born babies, the despair of suicide, horrifying abuses of women and children, slavery, wars, famines, genocides, tortures, addictions to pornography, drugs, alcohol and on and on.

Given that our freedom is so important to God that he personally suffers from its consequences - even to the extent that in the person of Jesus, He gave himself over to death in order to once again offer us the choice of trusting him or believing the lie, how dare we take it lightly?

Americans have for more than 200 years had the rare privilege of living in a country that has valued freedom and enshrined it in its principles of government. We are among the few who have appreciated freedom while experiencing it. Most peoples throughout history have appreciated what it means to be free by enduring its absence. Yet we are on the precipice of losing that freedom which God ordained for us, again by our own choices.

Freedom means that we can choose to continue in freedom, or to submit ourselves to tyranny. We can choose to be a government of, by, and for a people who are under God, or to be controlled by a few who deem themselves superior to the rest of us and consider God to be, at best, irrelevant. We can trust that God's prohibitions are for our good or believe the prevailing lie that He oppresses us by withholding "good." It is time to embrace the truth!

If we would continue to be free, we must in this election year choose those who understand and cherish our God-given freedom and the eternal principles on which this country was founded. Apathy or neutrality will not secure our freedom. It is no less important, rather it is even more important, that we personally choose what is good over what is evil, and trust God's intentions toward us. If we do not, the costs are incalculable.

Diane Eves

Setting our sights low ignores the real problem

To the editor:

With the imminent collapse of the European Union and the euro currency, corporate-generated propaganda against single-payer health care and green energy (cleverly disguised in the phony garb of rugged American individualism and libertarian purity), is becoming more popular than ever.

Self-hating misanthropes here in the U.S. glom like crude oil onto pristine coastal habitats to the almost entirely anecdotal "evidence" that equitable health care distribution and conversion to clean, sustainable energy technologies are the root causes of Europe's looming bankruptcy, and that the same thing will happen here in America if the bleeding-hearts and tree-huggers get their way.

Despite their disingenuous rhetoric about individual responsibility and the alleged lack of data supporting man-made climate change, the true motivation behind such specious arguments is cowardice. It's a lot easier to beat a bunch of pinkos than it is to stand up to the true culprits.

Rather than acknowledge the horrifying truth - that they've lost all control over their own economic and political destinies to unelected, untouchable transnational bankers and corporations - many people choose to slough the blame off on entities or ideas over which they feel like they still have some power.

You could write a book on the number of manifestations this pathetic psycho-social phenomenon has in our willfully delusional culture. It's the Stockholm Syndrome gone pandemic.

There are people who blame high taxes and budget deficits on welfare, immigrants and poor people, but completely ignore the predatory public lending practices of the Federal Reserve bank and the fact that over half of U.S. government expenditures go to the financing of illegal and undeclared wars, both past and present.

Ethnic majorities often blame minorities and immigrants for their inability to get a good job, when the problem really originates with global banking policies purposely designed to squeeze job markets, lower wages and benefits and reduce living standards.

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