Mail Call

June 06, 2010

"A note for next year's Memorial Day: According to the U.S. Flag Code (section 174 (d)) the flag shall be flown at half-staff from dawn to noon in honor of all fallen veterans, and at full-staff from noon to dusk to honor the living veterans." -- Hagerstown

"The Orioles are pathetic. They are not rebuilding, they are actually getting worse season to season. The team will be lucky to win 30 percent of their games." -- Cavetown

"'Hey, I beg your pardon, could you pull your pants up while I'm waiting in line behind you to pay for my purchases? I really don't want to look at your derriere. Thank you very much.' Try that, people, and quit complaining." -- Hagerstown

"In driving around the area on Memorial Day, I saw very few homes flying the American flag. Come on, people, where's the patriotism?" -- Washington County


"I was just sitting here wondering, when they caught Saddam Hussein in his cave, they had his gun. It was presented to George W. Bush, and it was in the office at the White House. Is it still there, or did he take it to Crawford, Texas with him? I was just wondering." -- Washington County

"We went to the great Boonsboro carnival for the fire company last night, and they had -- the bingo stand is like a pavilion and most bingo stands at carnivals have signs up that says no smoking, and especially if they are a fire company. Well, there were people shoulder to shoulder, and some of them were smoking, blowing the smoke wherever and it went in people's ... but with the state law it says no smoking in public places, just because it's outside doesn't mean it's OK. Have some decency and courtesy. Don't smoke at carnivals." -- Funkstown

"I want to commend The Herald-Mail on its recent editorial, 'County must take control of fire and rescue system.' I for one would like to know just what the real reason is -- or maybe reasons are -- as to why the commissioners refuse to take action on the unending problems, financial and otherwise, in some of the county fire companies. Perhaps you need to ask this question: Just who really does run Washington County, the county commissioners, or the fire and rescue companies?" -- Hagerstown

"Rest Haven had a very nice ceremony for our veterans Monday. The only problem was there wasn't many young people there, and that's a shame. But I guess they're too busy swimming, cooking, or I should say, shopping and having cookouts and stuff. But not their fault -- it's their parents', because they didn't teach them about respect and honoring our vets at all. Pretty soon when the older generation passes away there probably won't even be a Memorial Day, and that's gonna be a crying shame. Please live up to your responsibilities." -- Hancock

"Tuesday the 1st of June, I see in Mail Call where someone says soccer is an unpopular sport in America. Well, it must be you're wrong. I'm old enough to remember back in the days when each small town had their own soccer team. Man, that was a big thing on a Sunday to go see your hometown play soccer. Whether they won or lost, they were in soccer, and it was a way to spend a good Sunday afternoon. God bless." -- Hagerstown

"I think the recycling bin on Eastern Boulevard is really disgusting. It is supposed to be used for recycling, not mattress, clothes, and many other items. The city needs to do something, or remove it. We came by there Memorial Day, and it was a mess. I think someone needs to do something." -- Hagerstown

"I'm calling about Memorial Day it was 92 degrees. But in 1904 we had 94 degrees. So I guess back in 1904 there must have been global warming and they didn't even know it." -- Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I'm reading in the paper here on Tuesday morning, June 1, in the editorial about the traffic ease on Robinwood Drive. Well, the problem is 15, 20 years ago when ... county commissioners or whoever approved all the building along there, knew that the roads couldn't handle it then, and now they're complaining about the road is too small or not adequate to handle the traffic. So let's blame them people 15, 20 years ago. You can't put all those cars and all those buildings on that road and expect to have less traffic." -- Robinwood area

"Don't worry about the backward ball hats, the droopy pants. What is low-class and irreversible is tattoos and piercings, and people will later regret the bonding of their skin." -- Hagerstown

"I'm actually a Cubs and Orioles fan, but I want to tell you that -- and I'm a Hagers-

town Suns fan also -- and I just want to tell you that the Suns, for the Washington Nationals, do have the Nationals best farm team out of the whole Suns organization, and if you want to see a good team play some good baseball, get out to see the Suns this year. Support them. It's proud to have a -- we're proud in Hagerstown to have a Class A team." -- Hagerstown

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