Arts festival is something to look forward to

June 05, 2010|By TRISH RUDDER

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. -- The Fourth annual North Mountain Arts Festival on Saturday was filled with local people and out-of-town visitors who said they planned in advance to attend.

Festival coordinator Kristin Nelson is the owner of North Mountain Arts on North Mary Street and the show's sponsor.

The self-contained festival had 30 vendors in an area behind the shop that allowed people to purchase handmade products, and the shop's rear entrance was open for more items to be viewed inside.

Vendors displayed hand-crafted items such as pottery, jewelry, quilts, furniture, paintings, stained glass and wood-turned bowls and vases.

Ross Curtis of Lodestar Llamas in Hedgesville showed off one of his llamas, 10-year-old Bonnie, by walking her around the stalls.

Bonnie is a traditional llama who comes from a South American breed of pack animals that were used for transportation, he said.


"They are wonderful guard animals that will protect livestock," Curtis said.

Mary Jane Riha of Martinsburg, W.Va., and her sister-in-law Katie Redmond of Hedgesville both enjoyed the festival and said they look forward to it again next year.

"I'm interested in the arts," said Riha, who moved to the area from Forest Hills, Md.

"It's beginning to be a destination festival for everyone that has learned about this," Nelson said.

Linda Brill of Rockville, Md., purchased a gift inside the shop Saturday. She said she likes attending North Mountain Arts when her family visits Hedgesville.

Local resident and Berkeley County school teacher Laura Peach purchased a gift outside for her mother.

"I buy presents here, and my husband buys presents for me here," she said.

Her mother, Anne Klingenburg, has paintings displayed inside North Mountain Arts. She was commissioned by local residents Freddie and Dianna Gantt to render a painting from a photograph for their collection, Peach said.

About 600 people were expected to attend the festival, said Rob Izes, Nelson's husband.

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