Newest group of 'Rebels For Life' urged to do good daily, find solutions

June 04, 2010|By ANDREW SCHOTZ
  • Caps are tossed at the conclusion of the commencement ceremonies at South Hagerstown High School.
Kelly Hahn Johnson, Staff Photographer

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    HAGERSTOWN -- Jason A. Camarano looked out over the sea of green-robed boys and white-robed girls and saw their collective future. Eventually, the South Hagerstown High School class of 2010 will be entertainers, spiritual advisors, businessmen, warriors, parents and much more.

    It's not enough to be adequate at those roles in life, said Camarano, the valedictorian. People should do more and be more.

    "Volunteer a couple of hours in your community," he said. "Put an extra 5 in the church collection plate. Give an old friend a call. Tell somebody, 'I love you.'"

    Promising to do just that, Camarano said, "It is more important to be a good person every day than a great person once in your lifetime."

    An estimated 1,250 people crowded into the South High gymnasium Friday to see the "good person" in their lives conclude high school and start something new. With the gym at capacity, several hundred more watched a large screen in the auditorium.


Principal Richard P. Akers urged the graduates: "Celebrate what you have accomplished so far. Set your sights on your next goal."

He asked them to stay connected to the school and to visit, especially when there's a chance to root for South High to beat North High. "You achieved the title of Rebel For Life," Akers said.

Salutatorian Angeo Rey T. Belen said not every classroom will last long, but the graduates will cherish the memories of their fun times with each other.

He offered two other tips: Find a routine to avoid monotony and boredom. Leave South High with no regrets, even if it means revealing the crush you had.

Senior Class President Ryan A. David announced the class gift -- two podiums built by a carpentry class, a sign and four bushes of white roses, the class flower.

Earlier, he praised the faculty for their knowledge and passion. He said teachers distinguished themselves through "their genuine desire to not only educate, but facilitate great success."

Washington County Board of Education member Ruth Anne Callaham directed the graduates to think about the powerful challenges ahead.

The next generation of adults is inheriting many enormous problems, including "an unpopular war" and "an unfathomable oil spill," she said.

"We are counting on you to use the confidence, courage and the knowledge you gained in these hallowed halls," Callaham said, "to address problems, to find solutions that we have only dreamed about."

South Hagerstown High School, Class of 2010

Date of graduation: June 4, 2010

Number of graduates: 282

Valedictorian: Jason A. Camarano

Salutatorian: Angeo Rey T. Belen

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