Mail Call

June 04, 2010

"About the census people that are going around in Hagerstown and the surrounding areas, I had a young gentleman come to my door. I hesitated to answer, but I did answer, due to when you answer the questions to the census, it may help your town, your city, your county, for grants, for helping the children in school, or perhaps helping housing - whatever. If you don't answer those questions it could hurt Washington County, as far as getting grants to help everybody, with taxes or whatever." - Funkstown

"A bill in the U.S. Senate to send 4,800 more troops to the Mexican U.S. border was defeated, and who voted against it? The two Maryland senators, two Pennsylvania senators, and the two West Virginia senators. What a crew. I'll bet they voted 3 percent raise." - Charles Town, W.Va.

"I just wanted to say it's really sad when The Herald-Mail has to put Billy Graham's comments on the very last page of the newspaper. We all should be heeding the warning and listen to what the man has to say, not have to wait until the last page. God bless you all, and I pray for you all." - Hagerstown


"In response to the Halfway statement 'The sounds from the anybody-but-Bush crowd is deafening,' well, our silence is the contentment that we are satisfied with our choice. The only thing that makes us upset is cleaning up the toxic economy left by Bushie boys, and now the toxic environment we have to clean up, too." - Boonsboro

"Our so-called president - see what's going on in Nashville, Tenn., and see how much he tries to help Nashville, Tenn. He doesn't do anything for it. Him and his wife both were asking for money for Haiti and all other countries to help Haiti, but do you see anything helping Tennessee? They talk about it for a few days and you don't hear anything about how bad Tennessee is off. So our president kind of aggravates a lot of people that he's not ... and he'd rather help out other countries." - Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

"To the girl that's living with her boyfriend and expects taxpayers to pay for her loan, she's worked since she was 14 and she's under 24 now - well, that's less than 10 years of work, and the government is supposed to pay for her loan? But she says here she's totally independent. Well, apparently she's not. She made the loan, she needs to pay for it herself. It's not up to us to do it." - Hagerstown

"The name of the trees downtown are called Lindens. And why can't the city fix the big humps on Burhans Boulevard, where they cross West Washington and West Franklin?" - Hagerstown

"This is in response to Hagerstown, asking about the trees with the white buds. It's called a Japanese lilac tree. You can Google it on the Internet. The Latin name is syringa reticulata; Japanese tree lilac, ivory silk lilac. They are beautiful trees, no doubt about that, and I called the city to find out what they were last year. So they are Japanese lilac trees, ivory silk trees." - Hagerstown

"The answer to the age old question 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' Answer: To show the rabbits, the possums, the skunks and the raccoons that it could be done without being run over." - Hagerstown

"On Sunday, May 30, our church's pastor, in both his sermon and his prayers, gave no acknowledgment, recognition or thankfulness for those whose lives were sacrificed for him and for us in the service of our country, nor did the worship services include any patriotic hymns as were sung in other churches honoring our fallen heroes. ... Fortunately, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice are memorialized in our own hearts and minds." - Hagerstown

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