Mail Call

May 29, 2010

"What is the purpose of reforming public education with this plan of a Race to the Top? Since we in America are sending more and more jobs to other countries where the pay scale is lower, where are all these Race to the Top graduates going to go to be employed?" - Hagerstown

"I wanted to applaud Tom Wilhelm of Williamsport for his letter on what the free passes they get when they cross our borders. I think that all our Congress people should read this: Bartlett, Munson, every one of them, Barbara Mikulski. Any of them in there should read this and find out why this is available to people like that, yet our senior citizens don't get you-know-what." - Hagerstown

"Some of these streets in Hagerstown are absolutely pathetic, especially parts of West Antietam. There were better roads in Baghdad to drive on after they were bombed." - Hagerstown


"I'm sick of reading in the Mail Call about people complaining about people receiving food stamps, and how we spend it. I myself am a single mother of four, hardworking, go to school, and I pay my bills on time. But yes, I do receive food stamps, a monthly budget of food stamps which is to last me all month. How I choose to spend my food stamps and what I choose to buy with my food stamps - doesn't mean I don't deserve my food stamps because I buy shrimp instead of hot dogs." - Hagerstown

"This is for all of you political analysts that call in to Mail Call - and I include myself in that group. I have my opinions, but here's what I want people to think about. In the 1850s one of the biggest issues on the presidential ballot was slavery. Now, of course we're talking 150 years ago, but ... voters in the 1850s saw the growing influence and influx of immigrants as a greater threat to the nation than slavery was. Think about that." - Hagerstown

"All the Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh lovers, and 'Drill, baby, drill' fans are now begging the federal government they despise to solve the environmental holocaust on this planet they don't (care) about. Can we say hypocrites? ... Tim Rowland, write us a funny piece, please." - Boonsboro

"I have a remedy that I looked up in the Critter Ridder book about the moles. It said to put the hominy grits down the hole and it will act as a stomach irritant, and they'll leave your property. ... And also it says to shred the nonfilter cigarettes and drop the pieces of tobacco down all the holes, and the nicotine in the leaves will kill gophers and moles. It says keep away from roses and fishes, because nicotine is a poison." - Boonsboro

"I'd just like to say to the person who walked into the fast-food restaurant and stole the "Iron Man 2" from the ceiling and from the doors: We have your tag number, we have your vehicle description, and we have your description. That is theft. ... Please, return the items to the fast food joint." - Maugansville

"I just wanted to remind all the drivers out there that 'Yield' means you do not have the right-of-way. You give your turn to whoever is coming toward you, and you wait your turn. I'm tired of people trying to run you over when they have a yield sign and you have the right-of-way. Think, people. You're gonna get hit." - Hagerstown

"On Nov. 5, 2008, the people of Maryland voted for slot machines. A little less than two years later after approved, we still don't have them. Why are people still fighting them? Now Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are getting table games. Wake up, Maryland. People from Maryland already visit these other states to gamble. Just like everything else, Maryland is always the last to get anything." - Hagerstown

"In reference to the article about the teachers association not wanting the federal money, that's only because then they would be held accountable to their job, which teachers aren't doing nowadays." - Boonsboro

"This is to the person or persons that cleaned the Clear Spring library, behind. I will give you thumbs up. It looks beautiful, and we want to thank you." - Clear Spring

"I'm just calling to let someone know, the person that got into my lunchbox at work not only ate my bacon for my BLT, but also took $90 out of my lunchbox that was in there. I just wanted to let them know they're a thief." - Hagerstown

"Well, the safety nazis are at it again. They'll send our boys and girls to fight in war, but it's not safe for them to climb the monument at the naval academy with lard on it. Amazing." - Fairplay

"The silence from the 'anybody but Bush' crowd is deafening." - Halfway

"Now you can tell the person with the sword who wants to kill bears he can head right on down Route 340 down to Bakerton, W.Va." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling, I just hope that every person in this country that lives here legally thanks every man and woman that ever served or will serve in the service, for whatever branch - takes a minute Memorial Day and thanks them and says a prayer for them, the ones that's in the service now, that's been in the service, and that will be, and says a prayer for their safe return, and say a prayer for the ones that's given their life and for the ones that will eventually, down the road. Just stop a minute and say a prayer for them, and remember what Memorial Day's all about." - Hagerstown

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