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What Do You Think?

May 29, 2010

The question posted Wednesday on The Herald-Mail's website was: NFL owners voted last week to play the 2014 Super Bowl in the new Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., just outside New York City, in what could be the first outdoor cold-weather game in Super Bowl history. Do you agree with the owners' decision?

Poll results:

Yes: 548 votes (72 percent)

No: 215 votes (28 percent)

"It's football. Remember when it was a tough game and they played in snow and cold weather. Of course they should do the big game in NJ. Go Ravens!"

"Yes and no. I think it is great they are spreading the Super Bowl around to other northern cities so people in that area "might" get a chance to watch the game, but I find it hard to imagine the best football will be played at that time. Perhaps they would like to play 2015 in Buffalo and 2016 in New England. I can only see a big snow ball fight between fans depending on who is losing."


"I love a good game of football when the snow is falling and you can see the players' breath! Doesn't get any better than that!"

"Football was made for the snow! They should have more Super Bowls in extreme weather! Go Steelers!"

"No, if there is a blizzard or a lot of snow it will ruin the day."

"It's football and the Super Bowl is called "The Show" because it's supposed to be the two best teams. If they can't handle a little weather, then what in the world are they doing there?"

"Players can handle the snow, but fans attending the game and the city can't. Getting to the area to play and keeping the area clear could prove to be overwhelming if too much snow falls. It's not just playing the game that is the issue. New Jersey wants the funds generated from having the game there to help it's already over taxed economy but the potential for a big problem is there.

"It should be played on grass. I think it's a great idea and hope to see more games played in various cities."

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