Waynesboro, Greencastle schools to stay with current medication policies

May 26, 2010

WAYNESBORO, Pa. -- As the largest school district in Franklin County, Pa., reviews changes for administering over-the-counter medications, nurses with the Waynesboro Area and Greencastle-Antrim schools are planning to stick with their current policies for 2010-11.

Both Waynesboro Area and Greencastle-Antrim school districts utilize the services of a physician who writes a medication order saying all students can have over-the-counter items like Tums and ibuprofen.

"What we have is our school physician issues standing orders for us," said Kathy Hamilton, secondary certified school nurse in the Greencastle-Antrim School District.

In addition, parents must sign a document saying their students can have certain medications like Tylenol.

"That's on an emergency card," said Samee Ogle, head nurse for the Waynesboro Area School District.

Ogle and Hamilton said they stay informed of statewide policy revisions that could necessitate changes on the local level.

In Berkeley County (W.Va.) schools, medication can be administered when "it is absolutely necessary and when proper prescriptive information and parental consent have been provided," according to the medication policy published in the schools' 2009-10 student handbook.


"All medications including over-the-counter and cough drops must have a physician's order," according to the handbook.

An "Administration of Medication" form must be completed with signatures of the parent or guardian and physician. The form is supposed to designate the kind of medication, amount to be given, and the schedule to be followed, the policy states.

-- Jennifer Fitch and Matthew Umstead

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