Mail Call

May 22, 2010

"OK, the yard sales are in progress. The people that put the signs up on telephone poles, on street signs or whatever, have the courtesy to take your yard sale signs down. I took one down yesterday ... when you're finished, you're making money, so take five minutes and go around and pick up your yard sale signs. I'm sure there's other people that agree with me." - Hagerstown

"It's bad enough that our beautiful bears are hunted down and killed for no reason at all, but now someone wants to sword the bears to death. What's next, maybe hanging them? Phew." - Clear Spring

"I agree with the person that was talking about the fireworks at the stadium here in town. I agree - I'm a New York Yankees fan, so I don't pay any attention to them, so I agree. What is the excitement about?" - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about this morning's paper. I read the article in there about giving elderly people over 70 a discount. But it doesn't cover hardly anybody. You can tell it's election year. Most of the people that own their homes don't have any money, and give their checks up for to stay there. I think it's just a thing to make them sound good. The city and county taxes ain't gonna go down ... So don't fall for this trick. Sounds like Obama's stories. Have a nice day." - Hagerstown


"I listened to President Obama and president of Mexico's speeches today, and I was appalled at our president's speech. I realize President Obama and his administration values the rights of illegal aliens and terrorists over the rights of the American people. President Obama and his administration's sole purpose is to conquer and divide the American people. Has anybody heard of impeachment?" - Gapland

"I am appalled, just appalled by reading the Mail Call. Get the phones out of the classrooms. I cannot believe that teachers cannot enforce this. No wonder we have students who don't know anything. They're too busy talking on the telephone. And why can't the principals take action? This is totally wrong, and I agree with the person wholeheartedly. Cut this nonsense now. We are creating a generation who knows nothing." - Washington County

"Wanted: A good, smart Democrat, Republican or independent to run against LeRoy Myers in the next election. Myers stated that he wanted to run again because there's a hunger of good leadership. If his leadership has been good over the last eight years, I'd sure hate to see bad leadership." - Clear Spring

"I would like to see some restrictions made on the people that are receiving food stamps in Washington County. I, like many others, have been in line behind these young kids who look very capable of working to me, who are filling their baskets with filet mignon, shrimp, etc. Other words, it's the best of the best. My husband and I both work and we have two children. We budget our money, we eat chicken, hot dogs. I'd like to know if anyone else feels the same way." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the fast drivers on Ridenour Road. Please spare the squirrels, rabbits, cats and anything else on the road. What's next, people?" - Boonsboro

"I'm sick and tired of reading in your column about how many people are putting down our President Barack Obama. I voted for Barack Obama, I'm disabled, and I'm very satisfied with the job that he's doing. Everyone in this area seems to forget that he had quite a lot of tasks to undertake when he took office. I think most of you are prejudiced, period." - Boonsboro

"To the caller in Hagerstown: Punch bug, no punch back." - Williamsport

"All this indignation over Arizona's state law enforcing the existing federal immigration law as being unfair and discriminatory - if you are a foreigner in Mexico, they ask to see your papers as soon as you check in to a hotel. The penalty for first-time illegal entry into Mexico is jail, up to two years. The second offense is jail, up to 10 years. How's that for being fair and balanced? Go, Arizona." - Hagerstown

"OK, let's guess what section the Sports is gonna be in today." - Williamsport

"This is on benefits, same-sex couples. I'm reading in Thursday morning's paper where the attorney general Doug Gansler or whatever his name is, the attorney general for Maryland, is saying that Maryland must recognize out-of-state gay marriages. You know something, this attorney general, far as I'm concerned ... even if we gotta call our senators and anybody else, but this guy's gotta go. Any time you gotta take an out-of-state marriage and give same-sex marriage the same benefits, it's stupid, it's unconstitutional." - Hagerstown

"We spotted a red fox in our backyard this morning. We live near the hospital, at Mill Street." - Hagerstown

"I'm watching the 'Today' show here on Thursday. ... Right now, they're airing His Holiness, the Dalai Lama from Tibet. I thought the only holy person was God. I was brought up that the only holiest person is God and Jesus. I don't believe we should be addressing him 'His Holiness.' The only one we have is God and Jesus." - Hagerstown

"Of course it's legal to hunt a bear with a sword. It's self-defense ... he's got a sword." - Cavetown

"Since our school systems are so strapped for cash, why not think about consolidating some of the classes; say, grades 1 and 2, and grades 3 and 4? That way they could cut out two grades of school. They could then use, say, 11th grade for pre-college classes." - Clear Spring

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