Chambersburg area's top educators honored

May 21, 2010
  • Greater Chambersburg Chamber Foundation technology grant winners included, from left: Raymond Setaro, Matthew Carr, Carole Kirkpatrick, Mark Scanzello, Katherine Miller, Steven Onomastico, Scott Mitchell and Michael Snedden.
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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The Greater Chambersburg Chamber Foundation honored Educator of the Year Debra Crawford at its annual Education Luncheon on Thursday.

Crawford, a learning support teacher in Chambersburg Area School District, works for the Comprehensive Academic Program at the Franklin County Career and Technology Center, including the ninth-grade Career Exploration Program.

She works to make learning relevant by getting her students involved in their communities and by providing life-skills, such as team building, problem-solving and communications. She was described as a teacher who creates an environment of mutual respect and cooperation for the benefit of students.

"Connecting her students with the real world, whether it's through fund-raising events for the homeless or to benefit Women in Need, or by creating a business, Ms. Crawford is connecting the dots for them, which is priceless," Noel Purdy, executive director of the Chamber Foundation, said in a news release.

Crawford said there is no secret to being a good teacher. "The key has and always will be building relationships with students," she said in the release.


Educators within Chambersburg Area School District (public and private, grades K through 12) who demonstrate above and beyond commitment and service in the field of education are eligible for the award were.

Also at the luncheon, sponsored by the Chambersburg Area School District Foundation, Technology Innovation Challenge Grants totaling $20,000 were awarded to 10 educators who successfully integrate innovative technology in their classrooms. Contributions by Orrstown Bank, Waste Management and M&T Bank - through the educational improvement tax credit program - funded the grants.

Teachers who received grants to better serve their students and schools:

o Michael Snedden, Chambersburg Area Senior High School, software for business curriculum

o Mark Shoap, Benjamin Chambers Elementary, Wii-Fit and speakers to enhance physical education curriculum and after-school reading program

o Raymond Setaro, CASHS, use of Keeping Pace with Robotics in the Workplace to simulate manufacturing/engineering facility and workplace

o Mark Scanzello, CASHS, Quiz Wizard electronic device that supports student technology competitions

o Steven Onomastico, CASHS, digital microscope and digital cameras for biology classes

o Scott Mitchell, CASHS, graphing calculators

o Katherine Miller, J. Frank Faust Junior High, iPads and accessories for library

o Carole Kirkpatrick, CASD elementary schools, Digital Publishing with Sound, which enables teachers and students to post their writings and to record themselves reading their writing

o Matthew Carr, Stevens Elementary, Smart Wireless Slate and ELMO Document Camera, which allows the teacher to move around the classroom more freely

o Dawn Abraham, Buchanan, Lurgan and New Franklin elementary schools, Groovy Music software that allows students to learn about and create music.

Melissa Engel-Unruh, librarian at Chambersburg Area Senior High School, was one of the recipients of a grant last year. The grant paid for 11 Kindles, a book-reading device, and a Kindle Club was formed. The club meets each week; 166 sessions have been held, and students read books of their choice.

"Now when we sit down to read, we have no resistance," Engel-Unruh said. The Foundation's grant "rekindled interest in reading" in "gadget-centered teens."

An additional 19 Kindles have been purchased since the initial order. The CASHS library purchased 150 electronic books (at $9.95 each), with five copies of each book available on the Kindles. As a result, the library has obtained six electronic copies of each book for the price of one, Engel-Unruh said.

The Kindles will be available on a cart that can be moved from classroom to classroom. Teachers will be given the opportunity to take Kindles home over the summer to familiarize themselves with the devices, and they will be encouraged to use the Kindles in their classes.

The foundation is an affiliate of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce.

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