Bill will be lost without 'Lost'

May 21, 2010|By BILL KOHLER
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o The "Lost" series finale airs at 9 p.m. Sunday, May 23, on ABC.

I'm with Jack, dude, I don't want to leave the island.

There's something not right about it.

I can't believe the island is done with me.

Can you?

Yes, "Lost" fans, it's come down to this: One more episode of the coolest, weirdest, most twisted and mind-bending shows in TV history.

ABC is pulling the life preserver on "Lost," one of my all-time favorites.

The final new episode of the stranded-island-castaways drama is set to air Sunday night and I can't (polar) bear leaving the island for good.

While I'm happy that a resolution and an ending is in sight, I'm kind of hoping that the final twist will be that the series will continue for one more season.


I know that won't happen, but I'm having trouble saying goodbye to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid (well, what's left of him) and Hurley.

Judging by some of the posts out there, I'm sure I'm not alone on that island either.

Despite the bizarre nature of the show, the rich tropical scenery (which is absolutely stunning in HD by the way) and the producers' and directors' presentation of the show, it was the storytelling that made the series so great.

And while we're at it, expert storytelling is truly the heart of any quality show.

The storytelling is so masterful that I look past the implausibility of what's swirling around the characters.

The flashbacks, flashforwards and flash-sideways are time-honored and tested methods in TV and movies, but rarely has it been so expertly handled as on "Lost." The storytelling took us to Korea, Sydney, Texas, Oxford and LA. It took us back to a time when the characters were children and to a place where "Everybody Loves Hurley," which was my favorite episode this season.

Oh, and the characters.

I'm really going to miss them. I'm anxious to see how they end up on Sunday. Will Kate stay with Jack on the island? Will Sawyer get off this rock? Will MIB/Locke/the Smoke Monster ever leave the island? Where's Desmond? Why did Richard Alpert, Widmore and Sun and Jin have to die? Why hasn't Mr. Eko, Shannon and Boone appeared to Hurley from the grave with some important message? What is Desmond up to in the alternative universe?

The unique storytelling approach of the creators allowed us to get to know the main characters in ways other shows can't. Confusing and aggravating at times? Yes. But my, oh my, it left me hankering for more. It also didn't beat us over the head with a rock either like Mother did to Claudia in last week's episode. It pushed viewers to talk about what had just happened - and perhaps draw our own conclusions.

This method accomplished a goal of creating buzz that was fortuitously timed with the eruption of blogs and other social networking sites. Despite its simplistic themes of good vs. evil and faith vs. science, "Lost" produced a rather complex jungle of mysteries that was perfect for forums, blogs and podcasts. I'm not sure any show has done it better or will match it in the future.

Was it perfect? Of course not. Seasons 4 and 5 were kind of vague and missing the point of what made the show great. After we found out that the "Others" were not so scary and evil, the producers had to go down another path. The final season was a little disappointing.

The whole Temple setting was unnecessary. It didn't really help tell to story of the island. I think it wasted several episodes that could have been better used to explain how they survived the hydrogen bomb explosion and ended up in current times and not the 1970s.

But hey, I guess that's part of the mystery and maybe some of that (and other questions) will be explained in the final episode, titled simply, "The End."

I'm prepared, but not eager. It will be like sending a kid off to college, except this one won't be coming back to do laundry and raid my wallet.

They'll have to drag me kicking and screaming off this island.

Bill Kohler is Tri-State editor of The Herald-Mail. He secretly dreams about being an entertainment columnist.

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