Mail Call

May 20, 2010

"I listened to Sarah Palin. I accidentally listened to her make a speech out in Arizona about this here fence deal or about this law they passed and she made a brash statement about President Obama - to do his job. Well, he's doing his job. She quit her job. She couldn't stand the pressure, but she's out there making millions of dollars off these people, these right-wing people that probably buy her books. ... So she's got no right to talk about President Obama." - Hagerstown

"This is regarding fixing up the Devil's Backbone dam. Have they considered taking any people from the three prison complexes below Hagerstown that have masonry trade, or worked as laborers or something? Perhaps they could get the labor price down a lot by utilizing their services and then the materials wouldn't be that much. Just a thought. I mean, they put those guys out working on the road and stuff, so why couldn't they help do something like that?" - Hagerstown


"To all the people who are demonstrating - our law about immigration, about legal immigration, and to the people who are in our country illegally: I believe ICE ought to show up at these illegal, at these demonstrations and just starting asking people for their cards. We need to clamp down and get the illegals. I have nothing against immigration. I just want people to come here legally, as all of our forefathers have." - Hagerstown

"On Saturday, the 15th of May, South Hagerstown High School had a yard sale and car wash. I had my car washed, and those young ladies and young men did a wonderful job on my car. Waiting for the next car wash to be held at South Hagerstown High School. Thanks, South High, for a job well done." - Hagerstown

"In reference to May 18 Mail Call, about irregularities in the financial audits, he's exactly or she's exactly right. We need to scrutinize all these nonprofits and all on the irregularities, donations to nonprofits." - Chewsville

"I'm so tired of reading articles in our Daily Mail and they don't give the name of a person that the article's about. Here late it always says that person cannot be identified, or 'We are withholding their name.' What's the reason for that? It's not even anything criminal. Like today it's a man that fell off a rock, and they're not giving his name. What's up with that? That's like getting half the news." - Hagerstown

"The sheriff's department officer that rescued the ... lady at ... York Road deserves a medal." - Hagerstown

"Have you Palin supporters caught on to the flim-flam that is going on? Bristol Palin is now charging large fees, but not as much as her mother, to speak at events. Come on now, 15 to 30 thousand dollars to listen to a 19-year-old single mother give a speech. I think it's time the Republican Party steps up and condemns their money-making scheme." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"I doubt it's any consolation to people who have also been victimized by rude, careless, etc. drivers, but believe me, the situation is no better in Frederick. It does seem to have gotten worse in recent years, but that might be just my perception, and I'm pessimistic that new laws will really solve the problem, because I can't see rude and thoughtless people who are already breaking numerous traffic laws obeying new ones." - Frederick, Md.

"Someone called about getting Audie Murphy on a postage stamp. He already was on one, back in 2000, when stamps were 33 cents." - Hagerstown

"I see and read that more and more people are complaining about traffic problems here in Hagerstown; mainly the speeders and reckless drivers, of course. Here's my two cents worth. Near the school where I live, every day, same time every day, guy comes up my street, pulls over on the wrong side of the street, parks illegally against oncoming traffic, to pick up his child at a local school. And then when he pulls out, he pulls out against oncoming traffic." - Hagerstown

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