What Do You Think?

May 20, 2010

The question posted Monday on The Herald-Mail's website was: Do you think a road is needed to filter some of the traffic away from Robinwood Drive and to provide additional access to Hagerstown Community College and the Meritus Regional Medical Center, scheduled to open in December?

Poll results:

Yes: 703 votes (86 percent)

No: 113 votes (14 percent)

"Anyone who answers no to this question clearly has not driven on Robinwood Drive very much. After the hospital opens, it is going to be a royal (problem)."

"I am curious as to why they want a large loop rather than just a four-way stop in the middle ... I haven't measured, so I'm not sure which would require more asphalt, but if they ever plan to develop anything inside of the loop, it might seem a bit awkward. Robinwood Drive can be a nightmare sometimes."


"Yes, there is a current need and the traffic situation will only worsen over time. Perhaps we will learn from our neighbors to the east and develop the necessary infrastructure before the gridlock on the roads sets in permanently."

"Yes. The college is the main issue when classes are letting out or taking place. The line can be back to the medical center and the line leaving causes a long backup at Dual Highway with multiple lights before one can enter Dual Highway. People with homes along the area have big issues getting out as do those on side streets. We need a road to help alleviate some of this congestion."

"A new road should have been put in before they started work on the new hospital. Last time I was in the area, it took 10 to 15 minutes to cross Dual Highway. Imagine an ambulance trying to get through to the hospital in an emergency."

"Why did the hospital get moved out there in the first place without first ensuring that we had the infrastructure in place? Seems there is a pattern of just building without thinking first what the infrastructure requirements will be."

"The hospital at the current location doesn't seem to generate an extraordinary amount of traffic. ... I'm not sure that the new one is going to make the traffic problem on Robinwood much worse. It's a combination of everything else along that road that creates a problem. Let's hope a new road doesn't turn into an access for new development like Eastern Boulevard."

"I am one of many who said the area did not have the roads to handle the traffic and the roads should have been fixed before the hospital was built or the hospital should have been put somewhere where the roads could handle the traffic. As usual, the officials do things backwards. ... What a lack of planning."

"Not only a back way into the hospital, but a direct route from (Interstate) 70 should be considered in the future. The bad part about these projects is they take 10 years to determine a need, five to 10 years to get funding and another five to 10 years to complete the project. Just look at I-70 in Frederick."

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