Mail Call

May 19, 2010

"To all baseball fans out there, see if you agree with me or not: Wouldn't it be great if Bud Selig, the commissioner who is afraid to make a decision, would step up and say if anybody is connected in any way with steroids, their records will not count, they will be stricken from the books? Goodbye, Barry Bonds, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, etc., etc." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the caller from Martinsburg who said that America made a mistake by voting Obama in. I totally agree. So many times I've seen on TV where he thinks he is right and everybody else is wrong. We need to vote him out. We need decent people to run in the election next election. Obama needs to go." - Hagerstown

"I wish people would quit calling in with incorrect information and that this paper would stop publishing incorrect information. President Obama and his wife have not made more trips around the world in a year and a half than the last four presidents. When people read this and are uninformed, they think it's true. It's irresponsible for this paper to publish something like this in this format because you did not plainly say that it was the opinion of one uninformed person. I think the president has accomplished a great deal considering the mess he was left with." - Hagerstown


"The fireworks at the baseball stadium is getting pretty old. What is all the excitement about?" - Hagerstown

"Eleven motorcycle deaths. If you don't want to get killed on a motorcycle, then don't drive a motorcycle." - Washington County

"To the person who called in about noise early in the morning: There is a law against anyone making noise such as construction workers or trash trucks before 7 a.m. You can do something about it. Just call the police." - Hagerstown

"I really enjoy picking up the paper and reading the call-ins to Mail Call - so much so that I'm really disappointed come Saturday and there's nothing there. I don't understand why you don't have it seven days a week since it is so popular. So a plea to you and anyone else out there that feels the same as I do, that maybe you'll change your format and include it." - Hagerstown

"I was at City Park yesterday with family members to watch the wagon train and we spotted a little baby bird who was stuck in a deep hole and it couldn't get out. We just wanted to thank the gentleman in the brown work truck who helped us get it out and put it back with its mother. Hope you have a nice day." - Hagerstown

"I would like for someone to tell me just how many snow days we had in Hagerstown this past winter." - Hagerstown

"I'm putting you politicians from Obama right on down the line on notice. You will listen to what the majority of Americans want concerning illegal immigrants. We don't want these illegal immigrants here and if you don't listen you will be hunting for new jobs, and I'm quite sure a lot of you guys will be hunting new jobs because I know what the public opinion is out here in the real world." - Sharpsburg

"Get the phones out of the classrooms. We can't teach because the kids are talking on cell phones." - Hagerstown

"God bless the woman on Leitersburg Pike who rescued that big black dog Saturday morning that was wandering on the road. It was very busy and it could have gotten hit. She was a hero to that dog and I applaud her immensely." - Hagerstown

"This is Monday morning and I was reading the paper. The thing that I enjoy more about reading the paper this morning are the pictures of all these little schoolchildren getting their little awards for whatever they do, and the happy little faces. So keep the pictures coming. I really enjoy seeing them in the paper, those little happy children." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank the Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Company for such a wonderful car and motorcycle, truck show that they had Saturday, May 15. It was for a good cause, and more fire companies ought to do this to raise money for their volunteer fire companies. It was wonderful. All the staff, the DJ, everybody. And the vehicle owners - I know, because I talked to them - and they were happy and very satisfied for the successful show." - Hancock

"Remember, Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin both voted for the health care bill, knowing the majority of the American people, including those in Maryland, did not want it. They always follow the liberal Democratic big-spending herd. Barbara and Ben, there's no money left. You've got to go." - Boonsboro

"There's a commercial on TV where they see a certain car and you punch someone in the arm. I think it's a stupid commercial and it's giving out bad information to the public ... you see a certain car and you hit somebody. It should be taken off the air." - Hagerstown

"I wonder how people can be so full of hate that they think Louisville is in Tennessee." - Washington County

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