A lift without the knife

Baby boomers want to look more youthful without the surgery

May 17, 2010|By MARIE GILBERT
  • Tara Robertson, a licensed esthetician, gives a South Mountain Signature Facial to Boonsboro resident Carla McAdams. Studies show baby boomers want noninvasive procedures to look younger.
By Joe Crocetta/Staff Photographer,

Years ago, aging gracefully meant living comfortably with crow's feet, wrinkles and a less than perfect body.

Then, along came the baby boomers.

Not content to accept the image staring back at them in the mirror, the generation of 50- to 60-somethings has decided not to allow growing older to get under their collective skin.

Instead, they are finding ways to give Father Time a knockout punch.

So, they're heading to spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists - all in an effort to put their best face forward.

And they're doing it without a single nip or tuck.

Instead, they're opting for noninvasive procedures that give instant results.

According to a study released by the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, more than 10 million minimally invasive procedures were performed in 2009.

The number of treatments rose 47 percent, the study noted, which continues a trend from the previous year.


The most popular non-surgical procedures include chemical peels, Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatments.

The study also revealed that consumers have become more knowledgeable about cosmetic procedures and make decisions after doing their homework - researching treatments, asking questions of medical experts and figuring out what is most cost effective.

Lisa Adali-Piston, owner and president of South Mountain Day Spa in Boonsboro, said that's certainly true of her clients.

"People are definitely educated about their options," she said. "Plastic surgery has its place, but it has risks and it isn't always perfect. For the individual who wants to see an improvement, that doesn't always mean surgery."

Adali-Piston, a registered nurse, said she and her husband, Tom, decided to open a spa on North Main Street after she tried an ionithemie detox treatment while on a cruise.

The treatment breaks down fatty deposits by electrophoresis and tones muscles, removes toxins and cleanses skin at the cellular level.

"I have always been very health-oriented and very interested in wellness," she said. "I was astonished by the results."

It was that treatment that was a catalyst for her into the spa business.

Since opening the spa, Adali-Piston said, she has seen a growing number of individuals who are looking for noninvasive ways to improve their appearance and slow down the hands of time.

"They want results, but they don't necessarily want the discomfort and down time," she said.

Adali-Piston said she stresses to all clients that it's never too soon or too late to pamper your skin.

"If you take care of it now, you can hold off the more drastic steps for much longer," she said.

But for those who want to reverse some of those signs of aging, Adali-Piston said there are treatments that can be effective.

At South Mountain Day Spa, clients can choose from a variety of facials, which can rejuvenate the skin, smooth out wrinkles, improve facial circulation, decongest pores, reduce puffiness and diminish age spots, she said.

Adali-Piston said each person who comes to the spa is given a skin evaluation by a licensed skin care professional to determine the best treatment to meet their individual needs.

"We use an ultraviolet light to look at dryness, excess oil, irritation and sun damage and then we customize the facial," she said.

The Signature Facial, for instance, allows products to penetrate deeper into the skin to help smooth out wrinkles, detoxify tissues and get rid of puffiness, which, she said, can make people look older.

There also is a Beaute Lifting Treatment that uses marine collagen to work on wrinkles and to revitalize and firm; and the Deep Sea Oxygenating facial to brighten and tone.

And even if you're on a budget, she said, there are certain things you can do at home to improve the look and texture of your skin.

"I tell people that exfoliation is probably one of the best things to incorporate into your skin care routine. It removes dead skin cells and helps you regain a glow," she said.

Adali-Piston said the face isn't the only skin that shows age, so she also recommends body scrubs to exfoliate and purify, as well as mud pack treatments.

Even the proper makeup can enhance and improve the aging skin, she said, by not sitting in fine lines and wrinkles and or causing skin irritation.

Adali-Piston said she doesn't think it's vanity that causes many women to seek ways to ward off the aging process and improve their skin's appearance.

"It's about doing something for you," she said. "We all feel so much better when we look better. We feel like we can do anything when we're happy with our appearance."

And with all of the options available today, she said, that's easy to do.

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