Letters to the Editor

May 17, 2010

Thanks to all who planned Taste of the Arts

To the editor:

As an artist, musician and resident of Hagerstown, I want to express my thanks and appreciation to all who organized the very successful Taste of the Arts event on May 13 in downtown Hagerstown.

It was very well planned and provided attendees with a delightful evening of food, music and art. To the 12 restaurants that provided a wonderfully diverse and delicious array of food and drink, you are to be commended for your willingness to participate in this premier event.

I think it's important to note those who shared their hospitality, service and food, as it now behooves all of us to continually support them as they have supported The Maryland Theatre and the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation. They are Laila's Kitchen, Durango Restaurant, The Peach Pub, AVA, Leiters' Fine Catering, The Rhubarb House, Skyline Coffee Co., Schmankerl Stube, Rocky's Pizza, Taj India, Bulls & Bears and Uncle Louie G's Homemade Italian Ices & Ice Creams.


Both The Maryland Theatre and the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts have brought renewed vitality to the center of Hagerstown. From one who has taught music both at the high school and higher education levels, I was impressed with the apparent success of the newly opened school. Many thanks go to the administration, faculty and students of the institution for their vision, dedication and abundant talent.

For those who missed out on a truly memorable evening, I hope you will have a chance to experience this event next year. To all who made it happen this year, bravissimo.

Jerry McGee

We must trust God's wisdom

To the editor:

Many of us who follow Jesus pray regularly. We pray for the welfare of our family and friends, we pray for peace throughout the world and we pray for guidance for our leaders.

The question might be asked: Does prayer produce results? If you truly believe Jesus died for our salvation, then prayer makes all the sense in the world.

The interaction of plants and animals in such a logical pattern makes it hard to imagine that it just happened as some say. For me, I believe God has a hand in all that happens. We might find it hard to understand why certain things happen. However, I believe we must trust God's wisdom.

Meredith Fouche

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