Mail Call

May 15, 2010

"I'm calling about these people who have no clue when it comes to driving. Several times this past week, I've been driving down Cannon Street toward Franklin and have been almost hit by people coming the other way thinking that it's a one-way street, and then looking at me like I'm the one who's not driving right. People, it's a two-way street, for goodness sakes. Get over and share the road or get out and walk. Maybe you shouldn't be driving if you don't know what are one-way streets and what's not." - Hagerstown

"I am just responding to the comment that was in Mail Call regarding using the old library building for the senior citizens building, and making something else the new library. That makes more sense to me than anything I have heard. ... The local bus goes right by that spot, the taxis are easy to get, and it just makes a lot more sense, and you wouldn't have to do without the library if they would fix the other building up." - Hagerstown


"I am confused about whether or not (Robert) Ehrlich is actually running for governor or not because according to everything I've heard, he hasn't officially registered to run for governor with the Republican Party, and that kind of concerns me because he has already started money, and because he's not an actual candidate, he can get money from wherever he wants. Something's not right with that." - Boonsboro

"Everybody's saying stuff about cars being untagged, or tagged from different states is a problem, but so is the fact that these big trucking companies are running up and down our roads and ruining them." - Hagerstown

"I noticed that Al Roker, who does the weather for NBC, uses the phrase, 'Here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.' I seem to remember - and I may be wrong - that a gentleman on ABC, channel 7, Louie Allen, who used to do the weather years ago, used that same phrase, but I'm not totally sure. Senior citizens, help. Was it Louis Allen in fact that coined that phrase, or am I off base? Call in, let me know." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank the kind person who brought to my attention a flat tire on my van while driving through Funkstown, and also I would like to thank the kind employees at the automotive shop on South Potomac Street." - Boonsboro

"What part of 'We have no money and are so far in debt we will never dig out in my lifetime' does President Obama not understand? How can he offer to help everybody everywhere with everything when we can't help ourselves? Compare this to: I love my neighbors dearly, but if my children don't have food or shoes and we are facing home foreclosure, it means I can't help them. If he can't identify with this situation, surely his advisers can see it for what it is. Reel in the spending." - Hagerstown

"Wednesday, May 12, 2010, classifieds in The Herald-Mail: Not one stinking foreclosure in the newspaper - first time in months. Hurray. Good job." - Hagerstown

"To the caller in May 11 Mail Call: The late, great country singer Waylon Jennings has a song 'America.' I see it on videos and I hear it on Chambersburg radio stations." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"I agree with council members (Lewis) Metzner and (William) Breichner that we do not need any condominiums without parking in Hagerstown. We still have condos with parking that have not sold." - Hagerstown

"I know this was May Day last weekend, and some very gracious person put pots of flowers on all the porches on Brennan Drive, and I would just like to say thank you. They were beautiful, and we really appreciate them. We just don't know who put them there. But thank you for the beautiful flowers on Brennan Drive. We really appreciate it." - Clear Spring

"I saw the ducks and babies on the right side of Eastern Boulevard, going north, and before I could get turned around, two girls in a maroon Plymouth van with Pennsylvania tags stopped at the light, got out ... stopped traffic ... until the ducks and babies got across to the other side. I did thank the girls, but thanks again. They crossed very safely at the light. Thanks so much." - Williamsport

"I'm calling about the people that's calling in about the woman that works and has two kids and she makes more than the father. Well, he played, so he should pay. I mean, he was there and he created - helped create them. He should have to pay for them. That was his loss, not being there to help raise them, and he's the one missing out on everything. It was his choice. He made them. He should pay. Have a good day, everybody." - Hagerstown

"I love this country, but you know what really irks me about this country? I'll be 64, and I've been working all my life, but you have people that's never worked a day in their life. You know, they have a learning disability or they have this or that wrong with them. Anyone can pick up paper. Anyone can wash dishes. Why should people work all their lives to pay for people on welfare?" - Funkstown

"To all the people that call in to Mail Call: Please, people, write your thoughts down first, and then re-read them and say them to yourself, and then re-read them again and make corrections, and then call in to Mail Call. ... Just set it down on paper, read it, think about it, then call it in. You'll make a heck of a lot more sense." - Hagerstown

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