Wisdom offers Advice for Ageless Living

May 15, 2010|By JOEL HUFFER

What is wisdom?

Merriam-Webster defines it as good sense, knowledge and insight.

It is accumulated learning, and the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships.

Here at The Herald-Mail Co., we recognize the important role wisdom plays in daily living.

And we've developed a publication dedicated to it.

Wisdom -- Advice for Ageless Living debuts Wednesday. Like its namesake in the Lifestyle section of the Sunday Herald-Mail, the publication's mission is to provide valuable and entertaining information to area seniors and their immediate circle.

Our initial publication is themed "Lifelong Learning."

In it, you will find the following:

o "Learning how to help" -- This section outlines organizations that offer ways for people to volunteer. The Literacy Council of Washington County, Hospice of Washington County, Hagerstown Community College and the Washington County Commission on Aging are among the organizations profiled.


o "Learning to stay fit" -- This section details how diet and exercise can greatly minimize the effects of aging. It explores fitness inside and outside of the gym, and looks at how one should fuel up for movement.

o "Learning about yourself" --This section explores how genealogy connects the dots for area families. It looks at a class offered at HCC's Valley Mall Center, and outlines research materials available in the Western Maryland Room at the Washington County Free Library.

o "Learning for life" --This section looks at how HCC and other outlets offer "nontraditional" opportunities. Programs through the Hagerstown YMCA and the Total Rehab Care unit at Robinwood Medical Center are detailed.

Wisdom will be published several times a year in The Herald-Mail newspaper and will be available online at

The second publication is planned for Sept. 30.

Joel Huffer is managing editor of The Herald-Mail. He can be reached at 301-791-7796 or by e-mail at">,

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