Mail Call

May 14, 2010

"The issue in today's paper on B2 about counting prisoners, whether they should be in the prison neighborhood count for the census or their home neighborhood ... should be continued when they're released from prison. Wherever they're counted they should be released to that city or municipality. And if they're going to be counted as living in Baltimore, then they should be able to or have to go back to Baltimore." - Hagerstown

"Kudos to the men that step up as fathers and take care of their kids when the mother walks away from them, the kids. They just act like the mothers, women are automatic mothers and take care of their children. It's not always the case." - Hagerstown

"I have to agree with the Williamsport caller about Obama thinks he never makes mistakes. It was a big mistake for American people when we voted him in. Hopefully he'll be voted out pretty soon." - Martinsburg, W.Va.


"Hurray for the Washington County caller commenting about if you cross other countries' border, you get in trouble; cross the U.S. border - that is very true - you'll get a job, Social Security card, driver's license, free housing, food and anything else you want. That should be sent to our president, great Mr. Obama. What a joke." - Berkeley County, W.Va.

"May God bless Dan McDougal, his wife, Penny, and children, Amy and Colin, and all those who volunteer and work and support the free clinic in Hagerstown. I pray that all in the local medical community realize how blessed they are with lifestyles and skills that can give so much to someone in need, because regardless of what we do for a living, what better feeling is there? May God's light shine on you today." - Hagerstown

"This is in response to the caller that said everyone blames Bush for everything, and this guy Obama can't do anything wrong. Well, that's because he doesn't do anything. ... Just like the caller said last week, when Reagan was in, we had jobs, Johnny Cash, Bob Hope ... no jobs, no cash and no hope. Wait until you see what we have after the next three years. Scary, isn't it?" - Williamsport

"To the person in Hagerstown who said they'll stop smoking when people stop using their cell phones in cars: I have to agree wholeheartedly. Those cell phones in cars, they're so dangerous. I mean, think about it. How else would I be able to read my paper if I use a cell phone at the same time?" - Hancock

"I was calling about the caller from Hagerstown who is having deer and rabbit problems in their garden. What I ended up having to do was put a fence up, make the first stake straight, and then run off at the top of the stake with another one running at a 45-degree angle, with four ropes around the whole garden. And also, on the lower rope, to try to deter the rabbits, I just took little pieces of old sheets ... so far it's deterred all the deer, all the rabbits and everybody else out of my garden. Good luck." - Fairfield, Pa.

"Perhaps if Obama, Napolitano and Holder would spend less time prosecuting those who are dedicated to keeping us safe, they would have sufficient resources to keep us safe from terrorists, rather than rely on luck. I thought with all the apology tours, throwing our allies under the bus and embracing our enemies, all those truly bent on doing us harm would be our friends by now." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"To all the folks having problems with deer and other varmints eating your flowers and veggies: I have two solutions. One is a 30:06, 150-grain bullet fired from the appropriate caliber rifle. The second is a 12-gauge shotgun using number-four shot. Problem solved." - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to call in something us older people remember. They used to always say that when the poppies bloom, the wind and rain will come on strong. Well, the poppies are bloomed and the wind and rain is here." - Hagerstown

"In regards to the council meeting in Greencastle concerning dog chaining, the only desire for those in attendance was to see that animals are treated properly, not to meddle in other people's business. There are many dogs that are chained that suffer greatly. Dogs yearn for human companionship, not just two minutes when getting water or food. Dogs aren't lawn ornaments or mutts. It's a proven fact that those (who) chained their dogs outside will never see eye-to-eye, and this is a shame." - Greencastle, Pa.

"Since this column seems to be known for people sitting back and waiting for someone to make a mistake and then jumping on it, let me try to be the first to pounce. To the person referring to the Pledge of Allegiance, I think you may have gotten it wrong. I think it's 'with liberty and justice for all' and not 'for liberty and justice for all.'" - Hagerstown

"I am calling about Obama and his wife. They have made more trips around the world in a year and a half, had more parties where they paid $8 for a pound of steak from England, spent more money than the last four presidents of the United States, traveling around the world, spent more time on TV, and they have accomplished nothing. So let's put a stop to this, of him spending our tax money and enjoying a free ride." - Hagerstown

"I have a neighbor that's putting a roof on their house, and the people come at 6:30 in the morning and start hammering. I thought there was a law that said that they couldn't start until 7:00 or something. If someone knows, I'd appreciate a call." - Hagerstown

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