Mail Call

May 13, 2010

"The caller from Williamsport says that President Obama is the only president who thinks he never makes mistakes. George W. Bush was asked what was his worst mistake, and replied that he couldn't remember making any." - Chambersburg, Pa.

"I'm calling about the child support issue. I'm a grandmother who is disabled, raising a grandchild. Both parents pay child support. The father's support had his cut in half, but it's like this. If the mother is working and making more money, then she shouldn't receive child support, if the father can prove that he can't do it. Just like if the father has the child, the father should be paid the child support by the mother. The mother wants to be given equal rights, she should be given equal rights in all things, including paying child support." - Hagerstown

"First off, I'd like to say the town of Williamsport cannot be passed, as far as in the wintertime, its snow removal. It can't be passed - the county or state or City of Hagerstown. It's great, and the municipal workers seem like whenever there's a problem they jump right on it. But I do have one request for whoever's in charge of it. Put a turn light at the Sheetz store at Artizan Street." - Halfway


"It looks like, by most polls, the majority of the people in the U.S. overwhelmingly approve the new Arizona immigration law, but it will still be many protests by people who are probably illegal themselves, lawyers, and groups like the ACLU. Unfortunately, as in most cases, the majority doesn't matter. It's usually who you are or it's, and/or it's who yells the longest and the loudest that are heard." - Hagerstown

"When George W. Bush was president, we didn't have all these terrorist attacks that we are having today, but during that time we had a very capable person in charge of Homeland Security." - Hagerstown

"Stop all immigration. The lifeboat is full." - Mount Briar

"It should be the law that people don't let their cats run on other people's property digging, dirtying and mashing flowers down. If I would want to be so much and think I am it, I sure wouldn't destroy other people's property." - Hagerstown

"I would like to thank ... a correctional officer from Pennsylvania and the state police officer on Friday, who rescued the baby ducklings for falling down in the storm drain." - Big Pool

"I'm glad to see that my topic of discussion of giving county workers a raise in the prisons made the Mail Call once again. Why aren't they published? I just don't understand. But we would publish something about driving down the road seeing an old couch laying along the edge of the road." - Clear Spring

"I think that the U.S. should do the drilling, offshore drilling and, yes, I say drill, baby, drill, because I'd rather us get it than people that hate us getting the money. And so far there's only been one tragedy. Back years ago there was one space tragedy on a launching, and I don't think this one incident should stop us from drilling for oil." - Williamsport

"Clear Spring, Hagerstown, Washington County, you're all the same. You're raising everything when people don't have jobs. But I like the best part, about the Clear Spring thing in the newspaper. The official said water and sewer rates will be applied to the first ... The budget does not include pay raises for the mayor and town council. Well, if you're raising taxes and fees and stuff, the mayor and town council for Hagerstown, Clear Spring or any others, or Washington County, shouldn't be getting a pay raise." - Hagerstown

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