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May 12, 2010

Families don't use common sense on finances

To the editor:

On page A4 of the Thursday, May 6, edition of The Herald-Mail, Neil Parrott, a candidate for delegate in Subdistrict 2B of Hagerstown, states, "For the sake of jobs in our state, Maryland needs to operate with the same financial common sense as Maryland families."

In the classified section of the same paper, there are 10 substitute trustee sales of improved real property that are in default. There are also two notices of filing of complaint to foreclose. Day after day for many months, I've seen similar notices in The Herald-Mail.

When Parrott's statement is compared with the large number of sales of property that are in default, I wonder what he is asking for. I actually would prefer that the state of Maryland conduct its affairs with more financial common sense than many Maryland families seem to exhibit.


Russell Williams

Sam Rohrer is 'Man for All the Right Reasons'

To the editor:

You've heard of a "Man for All Seasons." There is a candidate for governor of Pennsylvania who, in my opinion, is the "Man for All the Right Reasons."

His name is Sam Rohrer, a legislator in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for 18 years from Berks County. His previous career was as a businessman for 15 years.

Rohrer's entire legislative career has been devoted to conservative principles of smaller government, lower taxes, school choice, pro-life and pro-gun legislation.

His campaign is grass roots. He takes no money from special interest groups (i.e., unions, trial lawyers, organized gambling) because it ties your hands knowing you are expected to return the favor.

Some of his beliefs, campaign issues and legislation include:

1. Respect life from conception to natural death.

2. Eliminate school property taxes by expanding the 6 percent sales tax to goods and services.

3. Establish a right-to-work law in Pennsylvania to stop forced unionism.

4. Support school choice, improving student performance by expanding choice and empowering parents. He created an earned income tax credit for lower-income families to choose the school for their children. More than 33,000 students have been given that choice.

5. Protect gun owners. He led successful opposition to a proposed firearms registry for Pennsylvania gun owners.

6. Enact deep reductions in tax and regulatory burdens on job creators.

To learn more, go to Sam's website at

If you would like to volunteer to help at the polls on May 18 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., call Mary Burkholder at 717-860-1081.

Mary Burkholder
Franklin County coordinator for Sam Rohrer's campaign
Chambersburg, Pa.

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