60 middle-schoolers coming here in August

Grace, BCA seek host families to house students from South Korea

May 12, 2010

Grace Academy and Broadfording Christian Academy have partnered with Global Vision Christian School of South Korea beginning in the 2010-11 school year. There will be 60 middle school students enrolled between the two schools for the academic year.

The schools are in need of host families for the school year. Host families may take up to two students per household and are paid a stipend of $500 a month per student for a total of $5,000. If they host two students it would be $1,000 a month or $10,000 total.

Students are scheduled to arrive in the U.S. on Aug. 19 and would depart at the beginning of June 2011.

Host families would be required to provide transportation to and from either Grace Academy or Broadfording, depending on where the student is enrolled. If a family hosts two students, both students would attend the same school.

Students can and do all the activities that the host family does, from church to sports practices. Families are only responsible to provide housing and meals to the students (including school lunch).


Exchange students pay an all-inclusive tuition that covers the cost of uniforms, athletics, retreats, books and field trips. There is no extra financial burden to the host families for school expenses.

There will be orientation and training times held for host families, as well as social gatherings between families and their students and the school community. GVCS also provides a local representative to meet with and check up on students to curtail any potential issues before they arise.

If anyone is interested in serving as a host family they need to meet the following criteria:

o Be a member or attend a local church

o Submit a host family application

o Meet with host family coordinator for a home inspection and interview

o Attend at least one of the host family orientation sessions

All interested parties should go to; click on the admissions tab and then click the foreign exchange tab and the link to host family application. They can drop off or mail completed applications to Grace Academy by June 4.

For more information, contact Brian Kelley (6-12 principal at Grace Academy) at the school office at 301-733-2033 or by e-mail at">

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