Dozens of candidates run unopposed in West Virginia

May 11, 2010

Dozens of candidates, including many incumbents -- denoted by (i) -- ran unopposed in Tuesday's primary election in West Virginia. They include:


  • Supreme Court of Appeals

    (two years of unexpired 12-year term, salary $121,000)

    Republican John Yoder

    Democrat Thomas E. McHugh (i)

  • House of Delegates(two-year term, salary $20,000)

    District 51 -- Morgan/Hampshire counties

    Republican Daryl E. Cowles (i)

    Democrat Alton E. Wolfe Jr.

    Mountain Robin Mills

    District 52 -- Berkeley/Morgan counties

    Democrat Mike Roberts


Republican Larry D. Kump

District 53 -- Berkeley County

Republican Jonathan R. Miller (i)

Democrat Robert V. "Bob" Mills

District 54 -- Berkeley County

Republican Walter E. Duke (i)

Democrat M. Jason Barrett

District 55 -- Berkeley County

Democrat Donn Marshall

Republican John Overington (i)

District 56 -- Jefferson/Berkeley counties

Democrat Terry L. Walker (i)

Republican Eric L. Householder

District 58 -- Jefferson County

Democrat Tiffany Lawrence (i)

Republican Blake Thompson

  • State Senate

    (four-year term, salary $20,000)

    District 15 -- Berkeley/Morgan and seven other counties

    Republican W. Page Noe

    Democrat Walt Helmick (i)

    District 16 -- Berkeley/Jefferson

    Republican Craig Blair

  • U.S. House of Representatives, District 2(two-year term, salary $174,000)

    Republican Shelley Moore Capito (i)

    Democrat Virginia Lynch Graf


  • Assessor

    (two years of unexpired four-year term, salary $44,880)

    Republican Patricia "Patsy" Kilmer (i)

  • Circuit Clerk (six-year term, salary $55,440)

    Democrat Virginia M. Sine (i)

  • County Clerk

    (six-year term, salary $55,440)

    Republican John W. Small Jr. (i)

    Democrat Christopher R. "Chris" Ross


  • Circuit Clerk

    (six-year term, salary $55,440)

    Democrat Laura E. Rattenni (i)

    Republican Edward C. Compton

  • County Clerk

    (six-year term, salary $55,440)

    Democrat Ronda N. Lehman

    Republican Jennifer S. Maghan (i)

  • County Commission

    (two seats, six-year term, salary $36,960)

    Charles Town District

    Democrat Dale Manuel (i)

    Shepherdstown District

    Republican Walt Pellish


  • Circuit Clerk

    (six-year term, salary $53,460)

    Republican Kimberly J. Jackson (i)

    Democrat Donna Lechliter

  • County Clerk

    (six-year term, salary $53,460)

    Republican Debra Kesecker (i)

  • County Commission

    (one seat, six-year term, salary $35,640)

    District 3

    Republican Bradley J. Close, Berkeley Springs

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