Bridge club plays for charity

May 10, 2010

Hagerstown Duplicate Bridge Club

Hagerstown Duplicate Bridge Club sponsored the annual Unit Charity Swiss Team Game on Sunday, May 2, at the Fountainhead Country Club.

Eighteen teams of four participated, and this year the charitable contribution was made to Girls Inc.

First place in the A stratum went to Phil Monyer, Judith Groenenboom, Steve Valencic and Melvin Lubart.

Second place in A and first place in B was captured by Ann Lebherz, Bob Osburn, Bob Munger and Wesley Wu.

Tied for third place in A were Fred Wagner, Elaine Rowe, Steve Smith, and David Abuhove and Ray and Sym Gallucci, Emma Eaton, and Sam Keiter. The Gallucci team was also second in B.


Tied for fifth in A were the teams of Fred Mayer, Lance Courtwright, Gerard O'Malley, and Dagmar Loose, and John and Selene Swanson and Dick and Lois Taylor. The Mayer team was also third in B.

Kathy Goss, A. Waters, Barbara Couch, and Claudia Reppert came in fourth place in B, and John Oyler, David Desjardines, Marianne Grusheski, and Mary Archer were first in C, and Mary Wolfinger, Nancy Burger, Carolyn Emerson, and Cindy Walser were second in C.

Hagerstown Bridge Club

Twenty-six pairs competed in a local charity game on May 5.

Overall winners in Flight A were: first place, Ann Lebherz and Bob Osburn; second place, Barbara Beard and Bob Back; third place, Lois Taylor and Rob Freed; fourth place, Peg Abercrombie and Jeanne Stoner; fifth place, Madeline and Bill Davis; sixth place, Aurora McDonough and Ron Clawson. Flight B sixth place, Melva Urban and Alan Walter. Flight C third place, Debbie and Scott Kiser; fourth place, Marie Sullivan and Leslie Lege.

North-South section winners in Flight A fourth place, Emma Eaton and Richard Taylor.

East-West winners in Flight A were: fourth place, Barbara Shaw and Dennis Wick; fifth place, Elaine Rowe and Phillip Davis. Flight B third place, Kathy Goss and Willa Garner; fourth place, Eddie Conner and Bob Knuff. Flight C second place, Jean Hollyday and Barbara Burkhardt.

There will be a Junior Fund game at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at the American Legion, 405 Northern Ave., Hagerstown.

For information about the Hagerstown Bridge Club, call 301-582-4552.

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