Mail Call

May 08, 2010

"The lady that says that wrens always come in May - always - I get mine the first or second week of April, and I did receive them the second week of April this year. So I don't know where she lives, but mine have been coming back here for 30 years, so I was just concerned they were a week or two late this year." - Funkstown

"I'm calling in reference to the guy stole the plane to keep warm. Someone called in Mail Call and said that they should be helping him instead of punishing him. Well, that was really stupid, ludicrous, whatever. I mean, why didn't he just steal a blanket? You don't let somebody go because they were cold. I mean, why steal a plane because you're cold?" - Hagerstown

"Interesting read in Money magazine: If the money that has spent in the war in Iraq - that was not necessary in the first place - had been put in Social Security instead, the fund would have been shored up for a hundred years." - Hagerstown


"I just wanted to wish all the mothers out there a happy Mother's Day ... especially to my mom ... and to all the mothers out there, hope you all have a special day." - Sharpsburg

"I'm calling in reference to the auto show in the County Market, former County Market parking lot. It is a bad place, is what I'm concerned, to put it, because of the extreme noise and air pollution from the cars, and the loudness of the music. I wish they could find another place to put it instead of a residential area." - Hagerstown

"This is to the caller on Monday, May 3, about the smoking. I am a smoker, and, yes, I agree that the smokers' rights have been taken away from us, but it's called respect, about smoking outside of establishments, right outside the front door. I myself have respect, and will not smoke in front of doors when people will be coming out." - Williamsport

"I'd like to compliment the City of Hagerstown for blacktopping their streets, and then six months later they turn around and tear them up." - Pondsville

"One thing's certain. If you drill, baby, drill, it's gonna spill, baby, spill, and that'll kill, baby, kill. That's a big deal, baby, deal. And that's real, baby, real." - Hagerstown

"In response to the person who complained about tying up the traffic during the soap box derby in Hancock, I also have been a resident of the Hancock area for more than 60 years. I think the people that got this derby going in Hancock are to be commended. There is nothing in this town for the kids to do. I think what you need to do is to get a derby car, come down and have some fun with the kids and enjoy yourself, and therefore you might not set at home and find something to complain about." - Hancock

"Boy, it sure looks like Obama dropped the ball on that oil spill down in the Gulf. Now he's reacting on it. If it would have been another president, the media would have been all over him." - Williamsport

"A prescription drug is man-made in a medical laboratory, where hopefully it is researched and tested before it is introduced to the public to treat various medical conditions. An herb is grown in nature, and many herbs have medicinal benefits. Using herbs to treat medical conditions is called holistic medicine. I believe we all need to be our own good doctors, know the benefits and the side effects of any medication you take, whether it be prescribed or holistic." - Clear Spring

"Correcting the Falling Waters, W.Va., person that called about the illegal aliens don't belong here. Well, they don't belong here. Sure, the Indians were here first and then they worked for their living. The ones here now, we give them help and support, which we shouldn't have to do. This is American country." - Martinsburg, W.Va.

"Last Thursday evening, I was going up Route 40 past the Sheetz store, and there was a little gray car got in behind me and was right on my bumper, and yakking away on a telephone, and I had to pull over to let her zip out around me. If people don't - aren't more cautious in their driving and quit the cell phone talking while they're driving and not concentrating on what they're gonna do, there's gonna be major accidents. Please pass the law that does not allow cell phones." - Hagerstown

"Hagerstown caller, you claim we have to stop using oil because 'eventually it's going to kill us.' What nonsense. Our society's been using petroleum-based products extensively for at least 150 years and during this period, our life span has doubled. Just how long do you think we'd live if we weren't using that evil oil - forever? And since it's the first thing you mentioned, it's obviously of great importance to you - I'm so sorry that the price of your crab and lobster may go up." - Frederick, Md.

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