Morgan County Commission briefs

May 07, 2010|By TRISH RUDDER

Courthouse security applies only to court system

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- The second and third floors of the new Morgan County Courthouse, which will house the court system, need to be secure, Morgan County Commission President Brenda J. Hutchinson said Thursday.

Hutchinson said she and Commissioner Stacy A. Dugan met with West Virginia Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) Director Steve Canterbury about security on the first floor, which will house county government offices.

Architect Tom Potts of Silling Associates also attended the meeting, Hutchinson said. He told Canterbury that the courthouse was designed with the security check close to the elevators to the second and third floors.

Hutchinson said the first-floor security decision will be made by the Morgan County Commission and will be discussed at next week's meeting. She asked the Morgan County Sheriff's Department to be notified.


"It is a local decision," she said.

Canterbury said he feels Morgan County is still rural.

"If we choose not to secure the first floor, it will not affect our funding," Hutchinson said.

Soil testing of soccer field not finalized

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- Three companies supplied prices for Phase I and Phase II of the soil test needed at the new soccer field at complex on U.S. 522, and the company that will perform the testing will be decided next week.

After pieces of glass and metal were found on the field by coaches and parents, and after learning the property once was owned by Spioch Equipment Co., where vehicles were crushed, the commission closed the field until the soil can be tested for possible contamination.

At Thursday's Morgan County Commission meeting, planner Alma Gorse explained that Phase I involves property research and reviewing of deeds, and Phase II involves soil tests.

Commission president Brenda J. Hutchinson said she would rather go to soil samples now. Gorse is to get soil sampling prices from Potesta Engineering and Environmental, Thrasher Engineering and Miller Environmental.

Gorse also is to contact the Morgan County Health Department for water samples.

Hutchinson said a policy should be in place that when county property is to be purchased, a soil test needs to be conducted.

Commissioner Stacy A. Dugan asked if the property's soil was tested when the land was purchased in 2006.Commissioner Thomas R. Swaim said the property was not tested at the time.

"There was no reason to," he said.

Swaim said he walked the property in 2008 when it was being readied for the soccer field and saw car parts after it was bulldozed.

He said a friend who lived next to Spioch's told him about 12 cars were on the property when Spioch's owned it. Swaim said the property was never a salvage yard.

Skate park nears opening

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- Asphalt is being laid in the skating area at the new Berkeley Springs Bike and Skate Park at Harmison Field on Ewing Street, and the park will be ready for use in two weeks.

At Thursday's Morgan County Commission meeting, Morgan County Parks and Recreation acting director Bruce Beadenkopf said the 170-foot-by-85-foot L-shaped skating area will be finished next week. The 40-foot-by-16-foot half pipe will go on the asphalt and is "one of many ramps to come."

Beadenkopf said a $5,000 grant from Potomac Headwaters Research Conservation and Development Council will not be enough to fund the rain garden that is being installed in the park.

The commission unanimously approved $2,400 that Beadenkopf requested for the rain garden's mulch and plantings.

The rain garden is to prevent possible flooding in the skate park.

A grand-opening ceremony is planned for June, Beadenkopf said.

Bids opened on courthouse trailers

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- Bids on the trailers and decking used for the Morgan County government offices were opened at Thursday's Morgan County Commission meeting.

Six trailers have been used as office space since August 2006 after the old courthouse was destroyed by fire. The move into the new courthouse is expected in June.

Four bids were made on the two double-wide trailers but none was made on the two single-wide trailers. Two bids were made on the decking.

Earlier this year, the commission donated two double-wide trailers to the Morgan County Board of Education.

Commission president Brenda J. Hutchinson said a decision will be made at next Thursday's meeting.

"Other things will enter into our decision," Hutchinson said.

Faith Christian Academy in Martinsburg, W.Va., was the highest bidder at $12,500 for the Morgan County Circuit Clerk's trailer.

Jeff Michael, who chairs the building grants committee for the school, said he would offer $20,000 for both the Morgan County Commission trailer and the circuit clerk's trailer.

Mountain View Solar & Wind bid $5,199 for the Morgan County Commission trailer and $3,600 for the circuit clerk's trailer if the commission trailer is not available.

Andrew Goseline of ADG Holdings LLC bid on both the circuit clerk and commission trailer at $4,375 each.

Melissa Hendrickson bid $500 on a five-room trailer, which is a double-wide.

Nancy West offered $500 for the decking. Theresa Ricks offered $100 for the same.

Commissioner Thomas R. Swaim said he wanted one of the single-wide trailers to go to Morgan County Parks and Recreation.

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