Area students participate in Mother's Day essay contest

May 06, 2010

Reeds Jewelers and Gardners Candies in Valley Mall have teamed up with local schools with an essay contest to promote writing skills, encourage children academically and honor mothers' contributions.

The topic of the essay contest was "Why I love my Mom."

The contest was open to fourth- and fifth-graders. Eleven elementary schools in Washington County and Southern Fulton Elementary in Warfordsburg, Pa., participated with more than 670 students' essays entered in the contest.

A winner of the essay received a diamond pendant for their mother. One pendant was awarded at each school.

All students who participated won a silver bookmark for their mothers. The essays were judged based on content, grammar and penmanship. This is the sixth year Reeds Jewelers has sponsored the Mother's Day essay contest.

Reeds Jewelers is a family owned business since 1946, based out of Wilmington, N.C.

Sample of winning essays:

Why I Love My Mom

She is a breeze on a hazy August day,


A lively flower in a black field,

She is the Sun on a rainy day,

She is a pearl in a murky ocean,

She is Shelter in a storm,

She is a spongy spot on a cactus,

She is the first Star of the night,

She is the first butterfly of spring, her graceful wings

flutter away into the darkness but she will return soon enough

at the first sign of twilight.

Treating the ill with her power of life. For she is not a Saint.

But she is my mother.

We are all the same inside, but my mother is special, and she is mine.

- By Alia Failey, Southern Fulton Elementary School

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