Mail Call

May 06, 2010

"The original South Potomac diner was at 920 S. Potomac St., which was just about where the Roberts Oxygen business is now. It was not on the corner. It was a silver building much in the design of a trolley car. The diner moved to the other side of the street in the location of where the insurance company is now sometime in the 1960s." - Hagerstown

"I see where Al Gore just bought an $8,750,000 home in California. ... He's talking about, you know, going green, and global warming. Well, he definitely is going green, with all the money he's making out there." - Williamsport

"I just want to give props to the Hagerstown Suns, the management and the Washington Nationals. We have a great team. We're one of the few cities that have a minor league team. We have a grand old ballpark that could be rated as the national, the minor league equal to that of Wrigley Field or Boston's great Fenway Park. Get out and support the Suns. Man, we have a beautiful park. Get out and enjoy the Suns and enjoy some local baseball. These guys will not disappoint you." - Hagerstown


"Thank you, Arizona. Wish I could afford to move there." - Hancock

"Around 1924, I lived across the street from the Almshouse on Locust Street. I lived there with my parents. I was 4 years old then. There was a small barber shop on the first level, in front of the building. My dad would go there, and he would take me along when he got his hair cut." - Williamsport

"This call is pertaining to the illegal immigration, and the loss of American jobs. First, President Bush did his open-door policy with trade, which took a large portion of American ... production jobs to Mexico. ... Then comes the open-door policy with the immigrants. ... I think this is wrong. If they want to come to this country, they have a right to come the way all the other immigrants came - through the front door, with the papers in their hand." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"To you people that are complaining - and you have every right to - about the four-wheelers and the trail bikes: Even if these people are on their own property, on private property, their freedoms and the right to do that stop as soon as their freedoms and rights infringe on another person's freedoms and rights - which would be disturbing the peace. You people that are the victims of this behavior, you have every right in the book." - Hagerstown

"In response to the Hagerstown caller reporting he paid less income tax under Obama, and the people making $250,000 and more are the only ones to be taxed, that caller's call is a call for help. He's hallucinating. Get him help." - Hagerstown

"Hats off to Arizona for enforcing the law - finally. They got tired of waiting for Washington to do something to benefit our country instead of acting in their own self-interest. Kudos for any state that creates their own solutions. Maybe all states should do what is correct, and forego the federal funding being used to keep them in line. I'd rather pay more to my state than to the federal government that has shown no ability to manage anything, let alone some personal ethics and restraint. Time for a flat tax - not federal, not that." - Hagerstown

"I see on the news where the illegal immigrants, or criminals, are suing the state of Arizona. That's like West Virginia suing the state of Maryland for the speed limit only being 65 mph on the interstate, when their speed limit is 70. That's how stupid it is." - Hagerstown

"Last Wednesday, the 28th, I had an accident in my wheelchair and went off the sidewalk and landed in the street. Thank you to the County Commuter driver, Chris, and the gentlemen beside Walnut Towers who helped me get back in my wheelchair and made sure I was OK, which luckily I was." - Hagerstown

"Maryland and other states should boycott all states and cities that boycott Arizona. Arizona should put the illegals in a bus and send them to the cities and states that boycott Arizona." - Rouzerville

"Good for Arizona, doing something about these people who come here illegally. The government certainly is doing nothing. If you read the Constitution of the United States, it is one of the main duties of the government. Politically correct is an excuse for doing nothing. Putting our border guards in jail for doing their job and citizens getting killed on our side of the border. Lastly, can you imagine cities in California being against such laws when the state is broken by these people? Send them back across the border." - Hagerstown

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