Letters to the Editor

May 05, 2010

Government is gaining all wealth and power

To the editor:

I feel the real basis of inequity and injustice in our nation in this present time is not racism, but actually the age-old issue of wealth and power. For those who study history, it is evident that, in times past, those who had wealth had power. Those who had the power controlled and used those who did not. Some powerful people were also benevolent and just, but most were not.

Then, enter onto the scene, "a new nation conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." Founding father Thomas Jefferson was a champion for individual rights, for limiting the power of government to avoid the tyranny which had, for most of history, plagued mankind. The idea was a balance between tyranny and anarchy, a government whose power was truly derived from the consent of the governed, a "balance of power."


Our nation appears to be moving away from the concepts referred to in the previous paragraph at an alarming pace. More and more power is being placed into the hands of the federal government in matters that affect individual citizens in their everyday lives. Our choices of education, employment, health care and even "free speech" are being severely limited at an ever increasing rate. We are being taxed at rates that have reduced the middle class to the serfdom of the middle ages. The legislation passed in the past two years will necessitate even higher taxes. Of course, if your goal is to ensure that people are so busy keeping body and soul together that they do not have time to contemplate the pertinent issues of our times and make their opinions and desires known, what better way than to tax them into poverty.

So we have come full circle to my premise that the real issue is not "race" but "wealth and power." It seems to me that the more wealth and power we allow government to usurp, the more we are at the mercy of politicians and government bureaucrats to decide what the quality of our lives will be.

Pat Johnson
Falling Waters, W.Va.

The Arizona law is result of 'enough is enough'

To the editor:

Racial profiling isn't right. I feel the law passed in Arizona is a result of "enough is enough" of their state being bankrupted due to illegal aliens. I blame the government for years of turning a blind eye to this problem.

Laws are laws. Employers should have been fined for hiring these desperate people.Instead, we have had a problem with law enforcement. In New Jersey for instance, one of the attackers at Fort Dix had 22 traffic violations, some for drunkenness. Never were these people prosecuted nor sent back to their native land. This sends a message to others across the border this is the land of "anything goes, come on over."

Immigration has brought California to the poor house due to liberals making it easier for illegal aliens to stay in their state. Now, California wants taxpayer bailout money.

I truly feel for the illegal aliens and don't know that I wouldn't try to better my way of living by coming to America. Hunger is terrible. My heart goes out for the illegal aliens who want to work and live a decent life.

Virginia Scrivenor

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