Governor signs 10 of local delegation's bills into law

May 05, 2010

On Tuesday, when Gov. Martin O'Malley signed into law bills about sex offenders and gang members, he also signed the following bills connected to Washington County and its delegation (with sponsors' names in parentheses). This was the second of three scheduled bill-signing days.

o A Correctional Officers' Bill of Rights outlining officers' rights and procedures when officers are investigated or disciplined (Sen. Donald F. Munson)

o The state public defender will serve a six-year term instead of at the pleasure of the office's board of trustees (Sen. Alex X. Mooney)

o Setting conditions for property owners and their mineral interests (Sen. George C. Edwards)

o The secretary of state must issue a state flag to the family of emergency medical service providers killed while performing duties. The provider's state senator will present the flag (Munson)


o Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 will be Hispanic Heritage Month in Maryland (Mooney)

o The state Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council will increase to 31 members, adding a helicopter pilot and an additional member of the public (Munson)

o Certain establishments in Washington County can get a beer tasting license (Washington County delegation)

o The Washington County Advisory School Design Review Committee will not be terminated and will have an expanded role (Washington County delegation)

o Trade people will have different rules governing displaying their license and certificate numbers (Del. LeRoy E. Myers Jr.)

o Washington County will have a pilot program for tracking people accused of violating a protective order as a condition of pretrial release (Washington County delegation)

-- Andrew Schotz

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