Police: No explosives found in ground near Berkeley Springs High

May 04, 2010

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. -- West Virginia State Police said Tuesday that there were no explosives in the ground along U.S. 522 Monday, a change in what authorities initially suspected.

State police said in a news release issued Tuesday that there were five bore holes and blasting cap wires found Monday at U.S. 522 and Richard Street, near Berkeley Springs High School.

Police and fire officials checked the wires again Tuesday and determined that there were no explosives at the bottom of the holes.

Heritage Contracting -- which had been installing water lines for the Town of Bath, the government that oversees Berkeley Springs -- dug to the bottom of the holes, confirming that there were no explosives, police said.


The news release says Heritage Contracting found on Monday what appeared to be explosives.

Morgan County Office of Emergency Services Director Dave Michael said workers called 911.

Cpl. Lonnie Faircloth, an explosives technician who was called to the scene, saw the bore holes and blasting cap wires, but couldn't find any explosives.

Faircloth learned that the area was under construction several years ago, so the bore holes might have been used then.

Police said Faircloth and Heritage Contracting decided to put steel plates and a machine on top of the ditch line and reconvene Tuesday, when police and fire officials determined that there were no explosives at the site.

(Editor's note: This story updates and corrects an earlier story that appeared in the Tuesday, May 4, 2010 print edition of The Herald-Mail and was posted to the online edition May 3 and updated online on May 4.

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