170 students participate in Franklin Learning Center's Special Olympics

May 04, 2010|By JENNIFER FITCH

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    CHAMBERSBURG, PA. -- At the Franklin Learning Center, it doesn't matter if you can throw a flying disc 18 inches or 18 feet.

    Students participating in the Special Olympics and Field Day event on Tuesday were hugged, cheered and high-fived no matter how fast they ran, how high they jumped or how far they threw.

    Alexa Ochoa, 15, said it's good to cheer on friends at Field Day. She enjoyed running, and throwing the flying discs and balls.

    "I almost got him," Alexa said of tossing a flying disc toward a staff member.

    Principal Jane Adams-Delp said the center's approximately 170 students participated in 50-meter runs and walks, 100-meter runs and walks, long jumps, softball throws, and flying disc tosses for distance and accuracy.


Adams-Delp said the event is nice for "just getting the kids doing what they're capable of doing." Teenage volunteers from Fannett-Metal, Waynesboro Area and Greencastle-Antrim schools helped the special-needs students move from station to station.

Students who had their required Special Olympics physical exams earned ribbons and could qualify for the state competition, Adams-Delp said. The students without physicals received Field Day awards, she said.

The cheering helps students with their self-esteem, according to Adams-Delp.

"The more they hear their name and someone whooping it up, that's really encouraging for them," she said.

Jon Harshman, 15, said he ran fast in the 100-meter race and felt good about the effort when he reached the finish line.

"It's good to get out of school for a day," he said.

Jessica Morris, 20, said the weather was very nice for the Field Day. She enjoyed throwing the flying disc and running.

Franklin Learning Center student Latasha Wenger designed the cover of the Field Day program.

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