Frostburg State University dean's list

May 01, 2010

FROSTBURG, Md. - The following students from the area have been named to the dean's list for the fall 2009 semester at Frostburg State University:

Stephen Alemar of Shepherdstown, W.Va..

Derek Artz of Williamsport

Justin Artz of Williamsport

Kathryn Barger of Boonsboro

Christine Barnes of Williamsport, with a 4.0 grade-point average

Nickolas Benner of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Justin Blount of Keedysville

Bryan Bornacelly of Williamsport

Matthew Bowling of Frederick, Md., with a 4.0


Derek Bozzell of Mount Airy, Md., with a 4.0

Adam Butts of Hagerstown

Sara Buzard of Middletown, Md.

Christopher Callahan of Hagerstown

Amanda Carpenter of Federick, with a 4.0

Joann Castellanos of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Alexis Cavey of Hancock

Russell Collins of Frederick

Shelby Conboy of Mt. Airy

Christina Conrad of Frederick

Elysabeth Courtemanche of Frederick

Ramona Cuddahee of Thurmont, Md.

Rebecca Cuddahee of Thurmont

Matthew Culler of Walkersville

Mary Cumblidge of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Christina Cushwa of Clear Spring

Ashley Damuth of Smithsburg

Courtney Dean of Union Bridge, Md.

Alicia DeLauter of Cascade, with a 4.0

Sherry Donovan of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Justin Dorsey of Frederick

Valerie Duvall of Myersville, Md.

Hannah Ehlman of Mt. Airy, with a 4.0

Jennifer Elish of Frederick

Christian Ernst of Clear Spring

Ronald Eyler of Hagerstown

Jamie Fisher of Myersville

Samantha Foland of Myersville

Michael Foucault of Frederick

Robert Fritz of Clear Spring

Kaitlin Gadway of Boonsboro

Grace Gonzalez of Frederick

Brittany Gossard of Hagerstown

Jamie Greenblat of Middletown

Joshua Hakakian of Warfordsburg, Pa., with a 4.0

Brittany Harris of Mt. Airy

Daniel Henneberger of Frederick

Eric Hoffmaster of Jefferson, Md., with a 4.0

Robert Hoffmaster of Jefferson

Sean Hoover of Hagerstown

Emily Hornbaker of Berkeley Springs, W.Va., with a 4.0

Bassel Ifield of Frederick

Lacie Johnson of Hagerstown

Stephanie Jones of Hagerstown

Mitra Karimian of Frederick

Sheryl Keefauver of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Christopher Keiser of Walkersville, Md.

Tobin Kercheval of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Lindsey Keyton of Clear Spring

Elise Kuczera of Hagerstown

Valerie Ladue of New Market

Gar Lam of Hagerstown

Michael Lawrence of Smithsburg, with a 4.0

Jenna Lepley of Hagerstown

Gregory Lewis of Frederick

Courtney Long of Boonsboro

Kayla Long of Hagerstown

Dawn Lucas of Frederick

Katherine Lucht of Middletown

Allen Mackey of Hagerstown

Matthew Maddox of Frederick, with a 4.0

Amanda Makenya of Frederick

Meghan Matheis of Frederick

Michael Matlick of Frederick

Daniel Mauk of Hancock

Crystal McCloskey of Frederick

Candice McDonald of Mt. Airy, with a 4.0

Morggan McGill of Hagerstown

Casey McNamee of Clear Spring

Stephen Middleton of Frederick

Kimberly Miller of Knoxville

Ryan Miller of New Market

Brandon Miskell of Brunswick

Katie Mitchell of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Emily Morrison of Martinsburg, W.Va., with a 4.0

Lauren Morton of Hagerstown

Juliana Moss of New Market, with a 4.0

Alyson Myers of Frederick

Caitlin Nicewarner of Hagerstown

Heather Niederberger of Boonsboro

Patrick Orr of Walkersville

Daniel Perkins of Keedysville

Eric Phillips of Hagerstown

Matthew Proctor of Walkersville

Kyle Raios from Hagerstown with a 4.0

Zachery Repp of Clear Spring

Amy Ridenour of Smithsburg

Curtis Ridenour of Smithsburg

Nicole Rieland of Mount Airy

Robert Rock of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Stephanie Rulle of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Kristopher Ruszkiewicz of Hagerstown

Rachel Shusterman-Zimmerman of Keedysville, with a 4.0

Justin Sizemore of Thurmont

Rebecca Slate of Hagerstown

Matthew Sloan from Knoxville

Nicholas Stenersen of Boonsboro

Kaitlynn Sumpter of Rohrersville

Laura Tantillo of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Adrienne Tracey of Smithburg, with a 4.0

Patrick Uthe of Frederick, with a 4.0

Carmen Veneziano of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Emily Warren of Hagerstown, with a 4.0

Stephen Weatherholt of Hancock

Joshua Williford of Walkersville, with a 4.0

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