Mail Call

May 01, 2010

"Because Billy Graham's son Franklin said Islamic fascists treated their women badly, his speech at the Pentagon is canceled. Under this new administration, truth is called 'hate' or 'racial.' ... I hope everyone sees our freedom of speech is threatened and this is scary." - Hagerstown

"This is in response to the caller from Falling Waters, W.Va., wanting someone to help with the removal of trash on Nestle Quarry Road. Call the Berkeley County Planning Commission at 304-264-1963 or 304-267-5091. I certainly can relate to your problem. They really do help to clean up properties. Don't give up." - Falling Waters, W.Va.

"Concerning an article by Jennifer Fitch concerning the Waynesboro borough council agreed to advertise a new crosswalk ordinance that would prohibit pedestrians from crossing the street without using a crosswalk, well, if they would look back, there were pedestrians that did cross at the crosswalks in Waynesboro, and therefore some of those people were still struck, hit by a motorist. ... I feel you need to cite the motorists also if you're gonna have the police cite the pedestrians." - Greencastle, Pa.


"I was just reading the article in the paper about Gary Bachtell, the one who won for the Maryland State Police Trooper of the Year. He sounds like a great man. We need more like him. Maybe we could clean up Hagerstown and surrounding areas." - Hagerstown

"According to TV news, Nancy Pelosi, on Wednesday had announced that she wanted to unveil the new lighting fixtures in the House. They cost $140,000. ... One fixture was $800, and I think she talked them down to $300. ... I'm wondering what all we could do with $140,000. It might help bail somebody out that lost their mortgage over the housing crisis that she helped create, and Barney Frank, Obama and Dodd." - Waynesboro, Pa.

"Concerning an article that ran in your paper concerning the homeless man that was charged a hefty fine for taking a person's plane, it was stated in the article, and I also heard on the news, TV ... news also, that he took the plane because he was cold. It seems as though to me that officials should be helping him, instead of treating him like a criminal, I mean." - Greencastle, Pa.

"After reading Tim Rowland's campaign rhetoric in Sunday's paper, I got irritated. I can see he thinks we should have a bunch of yes men representing us. I want delegates that do the job they are there for. Anybody can say, 'If you vote for my bill, I will vote for yours.' That is why we keep paying higher and higher taxes, and the reason the federal, state, county and city are in the shape they are. As far as us getting our fair share, it should have no bearing on how the delegates vote on the other people's pork. After all, it is our taxes, too." - Pondsville

"Regarding wrens: Their yearly arrival is in the first week of May - always." - Rohrersville

"I would like to say that I think Obama is trying to destroy this country. He is for the foreigners, he is not for the American people, and he should stay out of the deal with Arizona. An Arizona governor had a right to what she done, and those people protesting are probably illegal immigrants theirselves. So come on, Obama, stay out of it, or enforce it." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling concerning this marijuana. Those officers over in West Virginia, they are really the greatest I've ever seen in my life anymore. They find more dopeheads over in there I ever seen. We gotta give them an A. They are the best in the world. They catch people every weekend - every weekend. So make sure you please put this in the paper. West Virginia state troopers and the rest of the officers over there are the greatest. They're the greatest." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling about the new law in Arizona. I think Obama should stay out of it. I mean, I see nothing wrong with that law. I think every state should enact it, and not to come down on the legals, but to have some way of trying to stop the illegals from coming in and doing the things that's being done." - Hagerstown

"It really upsets me that a foreign country can have a disaster, like an earthquake or a tsunami or something like that, and everybody, the rich and the elite, the people from Hollywood, all the celebrities, they want to jump on the bandwagon and look good and tell everybody to donate. But we have a mining disaster, working-class people here in our own country, and you don't hear that much about it. You hear about it and then it just dies ... Where are all the rich and elite now?" - Hagerstown

"Arizona would not have passed the immigration legislation that they just did if our federal government agencies, which we pay for, were willing and able to do their jobs. Now Washington is yelling foul. What is foul is one more agency in Washington not doing what they're paid to do. All businesses are already doing part of their job, by the required I-9 form. ... What we need is less restrictions on states that can and are willing to take care of their responsibilities." - Hagerstown

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