Marriage licenses for March 2010

May 01, 2010

Marriage licenses for March

Robert James Fahey, 53, and Vivian Suzanne Sewell, 41, both of Hagerstown

Paul Christian Sullivan, 57, of Fort Myers, Fla., and Cynthia Ruth Moller, 57, of Hagerstown

Fidel Antonio Granados, 23, and Sarah Jane DuBoise-Watson, 20, both of Sharpsburg

Steven Edward Dickens, 34, and Sherilyn Suansing, 25, both of Frederick, Md.

Jeremy Mark Brandau, 22, of Mooresville, N.C., and Sarah Lynn Dove, 20, of Emmitsburg, Md.

Bryson Rachaad Mapp, 21, and Philetha Elizabeth Gorsira, 20, both of Hagerstown

James O'Bryon Pell, 66, and Linda Rose Leonard, 57, both of Sharpsburg

Kevin Gichuru Kabuga, 28, and Erica Alicia Hoy, 21, both of Hagerstown

Jack David Selby, 53, and Amy Louise Blevins, 37, both of Boonsboro


Robert Patrick Mooney, 59, of Earlsville, Md., and Patricia Ann Lovelace, 47, of Laurel, Md.

David Samuel Weiland, 24, and Holly Nicole Boneberger, 26, both of Hagerstown

Luis Enrique De Jesus, 60, and Jenny Luz Alburqueque, 31, both of Hagerstown

Aric Rosbie Elliott, 30, and Tammy Sue Cool, 40, both of Hagerstown

Brandon Eli Swartz, 30, and Meredith Lee Alexander, 26, both of Hagerstown

Ronald Richardson, 31, and Latissia Nicole Rayfield, 31, both of Baltimore, Md.

Robert Troy Ensminger, 37, and Leslie Ann Graham, 40, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Linford Jay Diller, 21, of Greencastle, Pa. and Darla Fern Martin, 21, of Hagerstown

Derek Evan Mowen, 21, of Greencastle, Pa. and Brittany Nicole Eberly, 20, of Clear Spring

Tyrell Darnell Tyler, 22, and Tionna Jenean George, 29, both of Baltimore, Md.

Richard Wayne Stevens, 77, and Helen Rosalie House, 74, both of Hagerstown

Samuel Junior Cox II, 40, and Elizabeth Ann Kelly, 31, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Jay Martin Lehman, 21, and Ralenda Ann Martin, 20, both of Smithsburg

Stanley Spencer Smith, 84, and Doris Ethel Hamill, 83, both of Hagerstown

John Kenneth Sarver, 38, and Holly Ann Wolfkill, 34, both of Williamsport

Timothy Charles Smith, 50, and Jean Michelle Brandenburg, 44, both of Boonsboro

Nathaniel David Kaiser, 34 and Laura Lynn Stavrou, 33, both of Hagerstown

Lewis Crocker Allen, 75, and Katherine Lois Haag, 67, both of Boonsboro

Ray Dean Burkholder, 20, of Williamsport, and Jeanette Luann Eby, 20, of Hagerstown

Jeffrey Scott Vonblohn, 52, of Danville, Pa., and Julie Ann Knauer, 47, of Milton, Pa.

Carlos Duran, 44, and Ynes Atagracia Torres, 43, both of Hagerstown

Montee Anderson Frazee Jr., 31, and Heather Ann Hawbaker, 34, both of Clear Spring

Guyus Cordell Frazier, 39, and Kelly Diana Personett, 40, both of Hagerstown

Antony Joseph D'Amore III, 34, and Lilila Rysova, 23, both of State Line, Pa.

John Alvin Lucky, 24, and Amanda Michelle Lease, 18, both of Hagerstown

Leonardos Ioanis Voulgarakis, 63, and Marie Suze Harris, 46, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Kevin Marvin Reeves, 28, and Tasha Lynette Remely, 23, both of Hagerstown

Michael Wade Carpenter, 21, and Terri Lynn Dundus, 19, both of Hagerstown

Samuel Edward Walters II, 38, and Alison Lee Smith, 44, both of Funkstown

John Gregory Thompson, 29, and Ruth Naomi Becker, 25, both of Keedysville

John Wesley Crabtree II, 36, and Samantha Elizabeth Allcorn, 24, both of Hagerstown

Glenn Edward Bailey Jr., 22, and Cassandra Monyette Henderson, 35, both of Hagerstown

Andrew Ryan Bishop, 21, and Jessica Dawn Wolfe, 18, both of Hagerstown

Jamarl Antoine Muse, 24, of Baltimore, Md., and Nycole Latrease Mitchell, 29, of Edgewood, Md.

Karl Grant Schulte, 22, and Amber Destinee Karn, 21, both of Hagerstown

Paul Anthony Digiacomo, 27, and Carrie Elizabeth Zeigler, 24, both of Hagerstown

Frederick George Mack, 55, and Marta Cecilia Urrego Ortiz, 41, both of Hagerstown

Che Hosea Swayne, 32, and Stacy Marie Jenkins, 28, both of Hagerstown

Kyle Paul Oakes, 22 of Kane, Pa., and Brooke Denise Berry, 21, of Hagerstown

Anthony McCullough, 51, and Henrietta Chew, 65, both of Baltimore, Md.

Clifford Kevin Dunlap, 42, and Kara Diane Tedrick, 37, both of Smithsburg

Eric Alan Carlson, 20, of Labelle, Fla., and Lynsey Nicole Haupt, 19, of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Matthew Nevin Weller, 21, and Lisa Ann Bentley, 20, both of Big Pool

Clarence William Stouter, 73, and Doris Jean Johnson, 65, both of Shippensburg, Pa.

David Theodore Bryant Sr., 41, and Deidra Aleece Mills, 41, both of Odenton, Md.

Alex Lee Younker, 22, of Hagerstown, and Megan Lorene Plunkard, 21, of Big Cove Tannery, Pa.

Larry Eugene Martin, 20, and Maria Lenee Strite, 20, both of Hagerstown

Kenneth Alan Witmer, 34, and Tabitha Dawn Gargano, 31, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Mark Christopher Clouser, 51, of Shippensburg, Pa., and Michele Wargo Clouser, 50, of Chambersburg, Pa.

Joseph Kevin Cooper, 28, and Barbara Jean Mason, 30, both of Hagerstown

George Albert Flenner, 84, of Fairfield, Pa., and Kimberly Ann Miller, 34, of Chambersburg, Pa.

Robert Scott Miller, 49, and Teresa Ann Cook, 50, both of Smithsburg

Samuel Lee Rock, 20, of Smithsburg, and Cassandra Anne Moser, 18, of Hagerstown

Darren Robert Kelly, 27, and Sarah Kay Campbell, 31, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Matthew Aaron Bobbitt, 20, of Smithsburg, and Jessica Ann Summerville, 20, of Hagerstown

Moises Castro Montes, 23, and Rebecca Lynn Hershey, 19, both of Carlisle, Pa.

Leroy Walter Frazier III, 23, and Chevelle Nicole Cook, 23, both of Fairplay

Richard Allen Curtis, 42, and Virginia Florence Steen, 18, both of Hagerstown

Joel Anthony Whisner, 21, and Reva Kay Heatherly, 20, both of Hagerstown

Michael Allen Toberly, 34, and Amanda Sue Baughman, 28, both of Williamsport

John Roosevelt Grant Jr., 78, and Jessie Davis Butler, 71, both of Harrisburg, Pa.

Edward Andrew Brown, 36, and Christine Amanda Carey, 28, both of Hagerstown

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