Letter to the Editor

April 30, 2010

Writer loves his country, but fears government

To the editor:

Message to Leonard Pitts: the "run" of your mouth shows your true colors.

In his opinion article of March 23 in The Herald-Mail, columnist Leonard Pitts recommended that everyone should "run from Glenn Beck as fast as you can."

Pitts is commenting on Beck's discussions over the past few months of the term "Social Justice" now being used, or rather misused. Pitts and others are comparing the acts of Jesus in the Bible with what government and others are trying to thrust on the United States.

In Jesus' time, social justice referred to the charitable giving to the poor and others that one did of their own free will, i.e. the widow giving freely of the little that she had. The left/liberals/progressives/socialists/dare-I-say Marxists are now attempting to force the public to give to the poor and others at their direction, i.e. the redistribution of wealth. Yes, even the Rev. Al Sharpton said that the new health care bill was socialist. How surprising is that?


The United States is the most charitable country on earth and the American people are the most giving, not because we are forced to but because we want to. We are free to give to whom we want, when we want, and how much we want. When we do that, we feel good about what we have done. We feel a sense of satisfaction, a sense of caring, a sense of doing the right thing.

Pitts quotes and seems to agree with the Rev. Jim Wallis. What Pitts does not state in his opinion is that Wallis is a self-described Marxist. Yes, Marxist.

Never heard of Jim Wallis? The Rev. Wallis is President Obama's newest spiritual adviser. Interesting that yet another Marxist has the ear of the president. How many does that make now?

Beck's warning to the public is simply that many times the phrase "social justice" is being used by people who do not know the "new" meaning to those running the government at this time that it really refers to socialist or Marxist philosophies and not the original meaning in Jesus' time. Beck simply states to the public to, when you hear that term, dig deeper. See what, who, when is behind the term's use. Maybe it is innocent. Maybe, however, it has a deeper, more sinister meaning.

I love my country, but I fear my government. How many other "catch phrases" or new sets of terminology are out there to try to tug at our heartstrings that have sinister meanings. Meanings that if we accept, will soon be the destruction of this great country that we love, and destroy the freedoms that our forefathers fought so hard to achieve.

We Americans believe in social justice, but only the original kind. That justice was preached by Jesus. What the liberals have turned it into desecrates the meanings in the Bible.

Bill Reno

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