What Do You Think?

April 29, 2010

The question posted Monday on The Herald-Mail's Web site was: Do you agree with the Western Maryland lawmakers who have asked the Department of Natural Resources to suspend the ban on alcohol in state forest campgrounds?

Poll results:

Yes: 466 votes (53 percent)

No: 420 votes (47 percent)

o "I voted 'yes' only because I am disgusted with the attempts of government to regulate the behavior of its law-abiding citizens and control our lives. There are already laws on the books to address the consequences of people consuming alcohol and then acting in an inappropriate manner. If someone drinks a beer at their campsite and then acts in an unlawful way, they will have to pay the piper."

o "Just like the illegal aliens in Arizona: Another law to enforce a law."

o "Unfortunately, it only takes a few to ruin a family weekend of fun."

o "You don't find it troubling that lawmakers would try to repeal a policy strictly based on lost profits? It's not as easy as you suppose to handle troublemakers. I'm not a prude, I'm a drinker, and am often disappointed I can't take a few beers out in my boat or to a site for the day/evening. But I know it's for the greater good that this policy holds for the guys who can't control themselves or hold their liquor."


o "It's the same argument as the gun regulation argument: Since criminals, which represent a very small fraction of all gun owners, break the law, then we should ban all guns, right? Forget the vast majority that obeys laws, right? Lord knows the criminals will follow these restrictions and laws, right? Wouldn't a law restricting alcohol for those with alcohol-related offenses in their past be a reasonable compromise?

o "I vote no! Can't you have fun without drinking? I see no need for anyone to have to get drunk in a state park. Anyone who would go to a park in another state because they weren't allowed to drink in our parks is someone we don't need in our parks."

o "You do need government at times to set boundaries. Let's send a message to our kids that going to the park without alcohol is plenty of fun and you don't need to drink alcohol to have a good time!"

o "I don't think anyone here is promoting 'getting drunk' in public parks, including me. The core issue here is personal freedom and the right to live as intended by our founding fathers, unencumbered by government rule, corruption and control of our lives. The government takes our freedoms one small piece at a time and the comments are usually the same.: "It's only this small thing, who cares?"

o "You can drink alcoholic beverages without getting drunk and most people do. Should we ban people from hamburgers and hot dogs because red meat is bad for you and some people over indulge?

o "I voted, 'yes.' Let people get arrested and either thrown in jail or fined a large amount of money or both. Let's look at this as just another stream of revenue for the state to tap into."

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