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Letters to the Editor

April 29, 2010

Maybe we should ask, 'Who is not an American?'

To the editor:

I would like to address Raymond Young's letter to the editor of April 12 ("Who are real Americans?," page A4).

Mr. Young, you ask who or what is a real American. A real American recognizes the original Constitution of this country and embraces it to heart. They see it as a foundation for all to have these same freedoms. After all, this original is the real one, one of a kind.

A real American recognizes all born in this country who have gone through its hard times, good times, racial evolvement, war, peace -- all want and should have this same right. A real American will stand to defend this idea of an American. A real American realizes that it is an idea that is embraced. If a real American does not believe in the God our forefathers believed in and talked of, they at least would respect those that do over a foreign God.


You then voiced your concern over the sign that read, "Don't blame me, I voted for the real American."

Well, here we are with this guy in office who has done absolutely nothing to convince or meet those opposed to some very significant issues with being an American. One, he will not produce nor will anyone else produce a birth certificate to where he was born. Two, he has yet to address the issue of how he can sit in a congregation passing along a hate-filled message for as many years as he did. Third, just to mention his recognition of a foreign God then use the word Christian whenever helpful to him. These are just a few. But to those who oppose him, he does nothing to convince or ease their concerns. Even a nonbeliever can see this as double-minded and wonder how can you trust someone like that.

You ask what are people saying or implying saying American-owned and -operated. That would be something you might want to ask these individuals. For many can take on a name such as Christian or American and use it in vain.

You end your letter with "where are we heading?" I believe, unless some real change occurs, that it is pretty obvious.

You tell us to "speak up." Who is a real American? Maybe we should ask, who is not an American?

God bless our troops who took the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic.

Ed Canfield
Falling Waters W.Va.

Writer: We should grasp the positive

To the editor:

We become tired and weary, but we must travel on.

Are you tired of seeing our leaders making mistakes they will regret and the innocent as well as the guilty pay the price for them? Tired of hearing our school children are not being taught what they should be? Then stop it and change the system. Start teaching the right things.

Tired of big wigs making a promise and not keeping it? Tired of kidnapping, raping, murders? Tired of confessed sexual molesters allowed to live in our communities? They belong in jail.

Tired of hearing about fights, and slandering? Bullies that need a dose of their own medicine?

We are human and the negatives are in us, but we don't have to yield to them. I can't help wonder, were the bullies bullied, the cursing cursed, the beaters beaten? These are not excuses, but may be the reason. Throw out negative, grasp positive.

We have a teacher who knows it all and has a book that has the answer to all questions. Jesus sits at the teacher's desk. Let's go in and learn about abundant life.

Frances Moats

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