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Berkeley County Council candidate Q&A: Dan Dulyea

April 27, 2010
  • Dan Dulyea

Editor's note: As part of our coverage of the May 11 primary election, The Herald-Mail will run question-and-answer stories with the 12 candidates running for three open seats on the Berkeley County (W.Va.) Council.

The Republican and Democratic parties in the May 11 primary election for Berkeley County (W.Va.) Council each will be nominating three candidates from three magisterial districts for three open seats on County Council (formerly County Commission). The winning nominees must be the top vote-getter in their respective district and among the top three district winners to advance to the general election. The annual salary is $36,960.

Dan Dulyea

Age: 48

Party: Republican

Residence: Inwood, W.Va.

Profession: Businessman

Question No. 1: If elected, what would be your No. 1 priority in office? Why?

Answer: "Find ways to save money by cutting the budget, stopping frivolous spending and shrinking local government. Given the (huge) budget increase over the last six years that the incumbent has been in office, it has placed a burden on all of our citizens, especially those on fixed incomes."


Question No. 2: Given the county's substantial growth in the last 10 years, what must be done, if anything, to maintain, if not improve, the community's quality of life?

Answer: "Looking to the future for conservative spending and aggressively seeking new manufacturing jobs would help to prevent additional tax burdens on our citizens. Also, create a full-time grant-writing position so we can bring more money back from federal and state government."

Question No. 3: What do you bring to the table that sets you apart from the other candidates?

Answer: "Management of multiple businesses, employee accountability and a background of knowing what happens if action is not taken. I'm an independent thinker who is not influenced by small-interest groups."

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