City Council approves new contract for city administrator

April 27, 2010|By ANDREW SCHOTZ
  • Hagerstown City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman
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HAGERSTOWN -- Bruce Zimmerman will serve four more years as Hagerstown's city administrator under a contract the Hagerstown City Council approved Tuesday.

Zimmerman has been the city administrator since June 1994. This will be his fifth, four-year contract with the city.

The new contract, which takes effect June 13, sets his salary at $129,459.

Currently, Zimmerman is paid $125,258.

He said the increase includes a step increase, the same as other city employees will receive, but does not include a cost-of-living adjustment.

Next year, he won't receive a step increase or a cost-of-living adjustment, he said.

Zimmerman was an assistant city manager in Evanston, Ill., before he came to Hagerstown to replace Stephen M. Feller, the previous Hagerstown city administrator.

He was hired at a salary of $63,240, The Herald-Mail reported at the time.

Each year of the new contract includes four weeks of vacation, 15 sick days and two personal days.


He will have unrestricted use of a city vehicle, which includes driving it outside Washington County on work-related business, or he can be compensated $300 a month as an allowance for using his personal vehicle on city business.

The city will contribute an amount equal to at least 6 percent of his salary to a retirement fund.

The contract will be in effect from June 13, 2010, to June 12, 2014.

The council did not comment as it voted 4-0 in favor of the new contract.

Councilwoman Ashley C. Haywood did not attend Tuesday's meeting.

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