Letters to the Editor

April 24, 2010

Former lawmaker issues challenge to validate the truth

To the editor:

Unfortunately, I find myself embroiled in a battle of words regarding the state retirement system with a person, Lynda Wiles, who I believe is emotionally and financially involved, but does not have a clue as to what the legislature did or did not do.

She thinks that I told her several years before the vote, before the legislation was ever crafted, that I was going to do a certain thing or vote a certain way. This is a preposterous and outrageous claim.

But if I did say her retirement would be protected, that is exactly what happened. She and all other members of the retirement system could have stayed exactly where they were, no change whatsoever, except the cost-of-living adjustment would be capped at an artificially high rate of 5 percent. The CPI has never reached even 4 percent since then. If anyone elected to get out of the old system and is not now satisfied with the results, too bad. It was your decision and no one else's.


I am not a candidate for public office and I refuse to allow Wiles or anyone else to attack my character or say I deliberately misrepresented the facts. I challenge Wiles or anyone else to accompany me to Legislative Services in Annapolis to validate the truth.

Paul Muldowney

Obama takes initiative in containing world's nuclear threat

To the editor:

Along with millions of other Americans, I can sleep a little less stressfully after President Obama's Nuclear Security Summit.

None of us, of course, can say definitively that fear of nuclear warfare is over, but at least our president has taken the initiative in reducing and containing this "Cold War" threat. For his leadership actions, we all can breathe a little easier.

Prior to this 47-nation summit, the president went to Prague and met with the Russian president to sign the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) between our two countries.

Even with this new agreement, the U.S. and Russia are still stewards of large piles of nuclear warheads. The agreement does not cover 2,500 tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons still hanging around. The president does admit that this number of warheads remains high only to keep the U.S. arsenal approximately the same size as Russia's.

So the question is obvious: Can our world ever truly be nuke free? Probably not, but at least the U.S. is taking the lead in defusing the proliferation of these monster killers.

In May, many of the same nations will gather in New York as were in Washington for the Nuclear Security Summit to review the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. With rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea constantly a threat, these types of agreements hold the high ground. We are saying to these mavericks, "We did our part. Now, you do yours."

The stakes are so high that survival itself is at stake. More power to you, Mr. Obama. We can and we must take the high ground so as to avoid nukes falling into the hands of rogue nations or fanatic Islamic extremists.

As Edmund Burke, the great orator, once said, "All it takes for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to remain silent."

Blanton Croft

Voters will get a chance to 'thank' Obama in November

To the editor:

President Obama mocked the tea party members by saying they should be thanking him.

After thinking about it, Obama is right. We should be thanking him for what he has done for us in the last 15 months. So I do want to thank Obama for the following:

Thank you, President Obama, for adding trillions to the nation's debt and handing the bill to the next three or four generations to pay.

Thank you for taking over private companies such as GM.

Thank you for insulting our nation's allies and friends while coddling our enemies.

Thank you for bowing to foreign leaders.

Thank you for playing the race card every time anyone disagrees with your polices.

Thank you for driving up the unemployment rate to near double digits with more social spending, which keeps people unemployed.

Thank you for signing into law Obamacare, which carries the biggest tax increase in the nation's history.

Thank you for saying you will let the Bush tax cuts expire and raise taxes on anyone who pays federal income taxes.

Thank you for openly showing your concern for the protection of U.S. constitutional right for terrorists.

Thank you for continuing to attack the private sector such as insurance companies and banks (which is the sector where jobs need to be created) to push through your "reforms."

Thank you for continuing to do all you can to destroy the housing market by spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars (which we do not have) to try and keep people in homes they cannot afford.

Thank you for your spending levels, which have caused warnings about the downgrading of America's credit rating.

But most of all, thank you, President Obama, for being the cause of the tea party movement.

And we will thank you again in November for all of your hard work.

Terry Weddle
Fayetteville, Pa.

Why does the public vote for backward officials?

To the editor:

Every time I hear U.S. Sen. A. Mitchell McConnell, R-Ky., on the air, I picture a contrary old child bellowing to get his way. When that tactic fails, he says "no" and concocts some outrageous tale to thwart what needs to be done by the Senate.

I never cease to be amazed, in this age of almost unlimited information, at the smug ignorance of the public that elects such backward officials. Will they ever learn?

Harold C. Craig Jr.
Emmitsburg, Md.

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