Mail Call

April 24, 2010

"I'm reading Mail Call today, Monday the 19th. I see where Mrs. Haynes in Funkstown, they're looking for a new pickup truck. Well, I agree, they had better look for a good used pickup truck rather than use our taxpayers' money. I don't know what she's thinking about, but she better think again." - Funkstown

"On the front page of the April 16 paper, there was a picture of a tea party rally, and a tea party member holding a sign saying 'Drill, baby, drill.' What does this slogan have to do with taxes? Is the tea party really about taxes or a spin-off of the GOP? The latter scares me, and not in a good way. What also scares me is that (Del. Christopher B.) Shank and (Del. Andrew A.) Serafini were there. These two delegates seem to be for the big business and the ultraconservatives, not the little people like the majority of us in this county. One of the slogans I did agree with was 'God Bless America' because we need God now more than ever." - Keedysville


"I'm one of the do-nothing individuals that put Mr. Obama in office. I think he's doing an excellent job with what he had to work with from the last ... eight years of the last administration, so I think you ought to appreciate what we have." - Fairplay

"I recently took a walk down through the arts and entertainment district, and then on down to the square, Public Square in Hagerstown, and I was appalled. This is the arts and entertainment district. This is what's supposed to be drawing people into downtown, and I saw nothing but thousands and thousands of cigarette butts and trash, all the way from Antietam Street all the way down to the Public Square where people catch the buses. Nothing but cigarettes and trash. It's horrendous." - Hagerstown

"Thank you for publishing David Limbaugh's articles, even though 99 percent of the people in this country do not want to face the truth about this country's own self-destructive ways and means, which are leading us farther down the path to socialism, which is nothing but the government taking everything to be run as it sees fit. This country has always thrived on spiritual ... to where the truth cannot and will not be tolerated by those who have no fear of God whatsoever." - Hancock

"How can anyone say that The Herald-Mail is a liberal newspaper? The tea party rally in Washington was spread all over its pages." - Hagerstown

"I just wanted to comment and congratulate The Herald-Mail on a fine Monday morning paper, topped off by a great picture by Ric Dugan of the little girl who had the heart transplant. The articles were all positive. I didn't see one murder or robbery article. It was just a great way to start off a Monday morning." - Hagerstown

"I'm calling just to make a comment regarding the census and how people are saying that they've not received their census yet. I've heard that if you have a P.O. box for your mailing address that you will not receive a census. However, people will either call you or come and visit you." - Williamsport

"This is in response to all the people complaining about the barking dogs. Everyone should buy a Pekinese. They're the sweetest little dogs in the world and they don't know how to bark. The world would be so much quieter." - Boonsboro

"Hats off to The Herald-Mail and Erin (Julius), on The Herald-Mail's Sunday, April 18 edition. Voters in this county, please read A3. You can see where we're a success or a failure in this county, on who we elect down to Annapolis. Just look at the raw statistics. That tells you who's got something going for them and who don't. Remember that in the next election. But great article. Thank you for reporting it, Herald-Mail. We would have never got it otherwise." - Leitersburg

"For those of you who are complaining about the price of gasoline going up under the presidency of Barack Obama, you need to use a different measure. The other day, I bought eggs for $1.69 a dozen. Under George W. Bush, I bought eggs for $1.48 a dozen. That is an increase of over 20 percent. Our president needs to do a better job." - Halfway

"Did everyone read in Sunday's paper the legislative results for this year's General Assembly? If not, it's a must-read, especially Chris Shank's numbers: Nine bills submitted with nine bills unsuccessful. Even LeRoy Myers successfully got a bill passed that Chris Shank had tried to get passed before, but was unsuccessful. Is this someone you would want for your senator? I don't think so." - Hagerstown

"I think Al Gore should go to Iceland and demand that the volcano stop polluting the earth and adding to global warming." - Hagerstown

"I'd like to thank the person who found my wallet at the Waynesboro supercenter on Sunday. It sure is nice to know there's still honest people around." - Smithsburg

"Concerning these yard sales that people have every year, or every day, for that matter, I feel a lot of these yard sales are a safety hazard anyway, and are an accident waiting to happen, I mean, due to the fact that ... motorists are distracted by these yard sales and therefore, at times, they cause ... don't have their mind on their driving. They're just gazing off at the yard sales, I mean, and they cause a traffic pile-up also." - Greencastle, Pa.

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